HD for Magic TV 7000 Mini

Dear all,

My Magic TV 7000 Mini HD seem have problem now (w/ the internal 1T HD), when it play, after ~10 sec, it will re-loop the scene.

If I change to external USB (2.5”) HD, the problem will not happen.

Now, I plan to replace the internal 3.5” 1T HD for new one.  Any suggestion!?

I check the Jumbo price, it seem Toshiba 3T (but it is 7200 rpm) is around HKD 550, good for my case!?   (4T is ranging from 830 up)   (I normally will turn off the HD / the whole machine will be in Sleep Mode when not use)

Would like to hear your advice (if any).  Thx.


3T HD.jpg

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I also use (multiple units of) Toshiba 3TB, but I just had a second Toshiba 3TB HDD failure...


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    Dear Wklie,

Thx for your sharing.  Knowing you are expert for Magic TV.  :)

I used to use Hitachi (2T, 7200) for my Desktop (& also NAS) and they are doing their good job so far!  (couple of years still working fine).

Do you think below choice might be good!?

Thx for your advice!

3T HD.jpg


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