Suggestion for quiet gaming PC

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Hi guys, I intend to have the following components upgrade for my PC:

Intel Skylake i5-6600K                 1,950
Noctua D14                                            550
Asus Z170M-Plus                         1,250
Hyper X DDR4 2400mhz                 1,050
Zotac GTX 980 AMP! Edition         3,850
Corsair RM/HX750i                      1,200
Total                                                  9,850
(all prices are approximate)

Any suggestions on the components?

As for the graphics card, I chose it because it is one of the cheapest GTX980 around.  Anyone using it now? Is it quiet? Any suggestions?


These parts will not be quite quiet, anyway


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I guess the most noisy component is the graphics card.

Anyone using it now? Can you comment?

As for the other components, I have been looking around and it seems that the noise level is okay.

Any suggestions?