virtualbox 5.0 beta 2

VirtualBox 5.0 will be a new major release. Here is an incomplete list of changes since VirtualBox 5.0 Beta 1:

    VMM: added support for using paravirtualization providers with raw-mode VMs
    GUI: encryption passwords no more centered (see here)
    GUI: canceling encryption password prompt at VM startup proposing to close VM (see here)
    GUI: Enter/Return key press for the last (or single) entry of the encryption password prompt accepts the dialog (see here)
    GUI: VM menu-bar contents reordering - moving some of unusual for the Help menu stuff into separate File menu (see here)
    GUI: scaling support will use the old smooth mechanism for the software renderer case (see here)
    GUI: optimized medium enumeration for the large differencing trees
    GUI: USB controller types for the given VM are now reflected in VM details pane
    GUI: avoid error message during shutdown of a separate VM (see here)
    GUI: fixed a rare crash when starting VM in separate mode
    Drag and drop: fixed a crash when copying over host elements to the guest
    Audio: don't crash when attaching via RDP to a VM with disabled audio (see here)
    Input: fixed vertical scrolling and buttons 4/5 in PS/2 !ImEx protocol (see here)
    3D: fix crash on restoring state on X11 hosts (bug #12737)
    Bridged Networking: avoid host networking stack pause/restart on VM start/stop/pause (Windows hosts only; see here)
    API: fixed long-standing issue (Windows host only) which caused loss of error information for the VM start operation
    API: fixed too strict condition for changing extradata settings of newly created VMs (see here)
    API: fixed too strict condition for creating persistent shared folders (see here)
    rdesktop-vrdp: upgraded to version 1.8.3
    BIOS: fix for booting from SCSI CD/DVD media (see here)
    BIOS: fix for reads partially beyond end of disk (bug 14021)
    Windows Additions/WDDM: improved video memory utilization and allow more/bigger guest screens with large resolutions (including HiDPI)
    Linux Additions: fix for Linux guest kernels < 2.6.13 (e.g. RHEL4; see here)
    Added serial port forwarding via TCP socket