[raid 卡] LSI MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i/9285 Firmware 23.9.0-0015, Support CCPro2.0 ~10/09/2012


LSI Corp. MegaRAID Firmware Release


Release date: 10/08/12

Supported Controllers:

MegaRAID SAS 9265-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9266-4i
MegaRAID SAS 9266-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9285-8e
MegaRAID SAS 9285CV-8e
MegaRAID SAS 9270-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9271-4i
MegaRAID SAS 9271-8i
MegaRAID SAS 9271-8iCC
MegaRAID SAS 9286-8e
MegaRAID SAS 9286CV-8e
MegaRAID SAS 9286CV-8eCC

SAS MegaRAID Firmware Release for MegaRAID Controllers
Release date: 10/08/12

Version Numbers:       
Current Package Details:
Firmware Package: 23.9.0-0015 (MR 5.4)
Date Generated: 09/13/12
WebBIOS 6.1-49-e_49-Rel
PCLI 05.05.03
NVDATA MR2.1209.03-0112
UEFI_Driver 0x05180000
Hii 2.05.00
BIOS 5.37.00

Previous Package Details:
Firmware Package: 23.7.0-0035 (MR 5.3)
Release Date: 2012-06-08 03:15:09
WebBIOS 6.1-45-e_45-Rel
Firmware 3.190.15-1776
PCLI 05.04.05
NVDATA MR2.1206.03-0105
UEFI_Driver 0x05160000
Hii 1.30.00
BIOS 5.33.00

Bug Fixes and Enhancements:

This package includes support for CacheCade Pro 2.0 and CacheVault(if enabled).  

List of bug fixes and enhancements:
SCGCQ00303893 - Firmware automatically convert to iMR mode after second reboot
SCGCQ00317538 - Firmware montask when convert from iMR to MR.
SCGCQ00294955 - USB Cache Device not responding message displayed at POST
SCGCQ00296433 - Firmware failed to convert from MR back to iMR when memory module is removed.
SCGCQ00296434 - 5.4 iMR FW breaks into MegaMon during boot after flashing.
SCGCQ00297000 - Copyback is not automatically starting on 2208 MR board.
SCGCQ00300226 - MR firmware received kill-adapter from host during drive pull.
SCGCQ00302656 - BIOS does not display accurate message when multiple enclosures are attached to the controller
SCGCQ00307641 - MFC variable enableSSCWB was not getting updated when updated via megaSCU
SCGCQ00317920 - BBU still charged at a higher than required band gap for BBU mode 1
SCGCQ00327403 - Serious performance issue found in the latest public official LSI 9285-8e MegaRAID firmware 1776(small sequential reads perf)
SCGCQ00262489 - OOB STP returning wrong values
SCGCQ00279167 - T-bolt firmware : CC schedule is changed to an unjust date by "Configuration Clear"
SCGCQ00297092 - Controller does not come up while a PD Erase is in progress_Debug Firmware
SCGCQ00299699 - Don't clear Recon LD PDs.
SCGCQ00302625 - FW log shows too many times Host IOs were blocked.
SCGCQ00303045 - biosContinueOnError does not work when enabled in mode 2, 3 or 1
SCGCQ00307651 - Port LSIP200211420 from Invader - Upon OCR, Recon Ghost LD needs to be created before WJ processing
SCGCQ00308502 - The SuperCap learn cycle error handling was improved.
SCGCQ00292697 - Stressing test on degrade raid with drives or rebuilding on drives will cause firmware hang
SCGCQ00307050 - Not able to flash both 9265-8i and 9285-8e card with 5.3 patch 1 firmware.However, it is ok on 9266-8i.
SCGCQ00268424 - Add FUA support.
SCGCQ00299975 - Controller does not detect SSD drives during boot up.
SCGCQ00304347 - Firmware MonTask at line 482 in file gemini/pmuInterface.c when convert from MR to iMR.
SCGCQ00305391 - Controller reports FW mismatch on the second enclosure when 3Gbps enclosure is connected to 6Gbps enclosure.
SCGCQ00309064 - WebBIOS is giving an option to assosiate VDs with cahce pool even if feature(CC 1.0 and CC2.0) is not supported by FW.
SCGCQ00314781 - Controller always enter HSM when it is set to HCOE
SCGCQ00314822 - Dont log capacity change event post rebuild completion.
SCGCQ00324568 - Firmware does not backup data during power fail with SuperCap.
SCGCQ00292666 - SATA BBM list corruption
SCGCQ00293603 - Cachecade configurations could not be created.
SCGCQ00294044 - Pulling cable when maintainpdfailhistory=1 create wrong state in arrays.
SCGCQ00301308 - MR5.4 Alpha: Unable to detect SATA CD-ROM: DM_DevVPD83Callback - VPD PAGE READ error Tid 110 Rdm 60422c00
SCGCQ00303765 - RAID features are lost because of errors while accesing TSOC using an old firmware (11M08)
SCGCQ00304283 - Memory test does not execute when performing FW diagnostics.
SCGCQ00320097 - Firmware reports Pmu Msg Fault!!! faultcode 00000302.
SCGCQ00324048 - iMR firmware cannot import VDs when drives are remove then re-inserted
SCGCQ00289673 - Clean up bad block list during background init/check consistency failure
SCGCQ00300187 - MR_DCMD_LD_LIST_QUERY response is not MFI_STAT_INVALID_PARAMETER when unsuported query is received
SCGCQ00314824 - Log commission event only if Rebuild will start on the PD.
SCGCQ00318660 - Corrupted rom id from ibutton can get used by other routines.
SCGCQ00290533 - Learn Improvement - Do not take Command block if there is no LD for which cache policy will change
SCGCQ00282990 - Online Firmware Update
SCGCQ00285057 - Add STP passthru capability to BMC StorlIB
SCGCQ00285058 - Need to add some mechanism to make Customer's Thunderbolt add-on card work only on Customer's systems
SCGCQ00285351 - Spin up changes to accommodate multiple power domains simultaneously.
SCGCQ00292266 - iBBU for OEM - need FW support
SCGCQ00293529 - Increase iMR Queue Depth to remove JBOD performance bottleneck
SCGCQ00290532 - Band Gap charging for iBBU00
SCGCQ00314903 - Revert back OEM specific EEPROM updates

SCGCQ00288503 BIOS doesnt display the RAID level and VD size correctly at OpROM POST
SCGCQ00278805 if the RAID volume or JBOD is created using 4k drive we will not expose them (we will not provide int13 support for it)
SCGCQ00286064 Need to add some mechanism to make TB add-on card work on OEM system
SCGCQ00292680 BIOS: LSIP200198414/LSIP200229508/LSIP200231613: Disables all requirement for human input at boot time
SCGCQ00298886 System hangs at splash screen when OEM ROC is installed
SCGCQ00321855 BIOS displays "BIOS Brining Up The F/W" message repeatedly
SCGCQ00324408 HAMR: Fire LD list query based on maxHANodes
SCGCQ00297361 System failed to boot with enableJBOD feature with B0 board.
SCGCQ00332262 Stack corruption if user has 4k and 512b JBOD drive connected to iMR
SCGCQ00333421 HAMR: BIOS is firing LD list query with query type exposed to boot instead of cluster access

UEFI Driver:
SCGCQ00262858 Debug message is shown from EFI app choice prompt on a OEM system
SCGCQ00308870 EFI Driver 518\When disconnecting the driver in EFI, I am still able to exectue the EFI utility menu.
SCGCQ00312683 UEFI Driver not timing out in 3 mins when FW is in undefined state
SCGCQ00320619 UEFI: Build Device Path and Get Next Target function of SCSI Pass Thru is not returning correct EFI status for certain cases
SCGCQ00292963 LSIP200198414/LSIP200229508/LSIP200231613: Disables all requirement for human input at boot time
SCGCQ00267652 TB D1 Card caused customer system to fail on boot with PCI Express Error Interrupt at: C880:26CF - (SCGCQ00267652)

SCGCQ00327945 Applying changes in Automatic Learn Cycle Properties ends up with "“Requested Command is invalid”
SCGCQ00321482 Help is missing for some of the fields. - (SCGCQ00321339)
SCGCQ00322500 Remove subtitle text STR_FORM_HF002_ERROR_NO_PD
SCGCQ00319518 HII will not allow config to be cleared no drives attached
SCGCQ00319466 Attempt to create CacheCade VD by slecting R1 with with 3 SSD Drives ends up R0 VD Creation with 3 SSD Drives
SCGCQ00319460 Doesn’t show the relevant title name for Setting Automatic Learn Cycle Properties Form
SCGCQ00319456 Doesn't show the correct Title for Success Message
SCGCQ00310951 Allows to select Cachecade VD as Boot device
SCGCQ00308002 Patrol Read Rate is displayed 0 in Advanced Controller Properties
SCGCQ00304249 HII allows to Make Unconfigured Bad to UCG Drive, MSM doesn't show this option
SCGCQ00300211 Text string Missing in Expand VD Form
SCGCQ00300186 HII - Eligible JBOD drives for conversion always shows 0.
SCGCQ00324423 Enhanace MFI Stat error code strings
SCGCQ00322928 VDs does not display Current Power Save Policy value for all power save policies. - (SCGCQ00302643)
SCGCQ00321288 Doesn't allow enabling/disabling PI support (controller property) - (SCGCQ00305301)
SCGCQ00321482 Help is missing for some of the fields. - (SCGCQ00321339)
SCGCQ00303144 Progress field should be Read Only, it is selectable.
SCGCQ00303141 In Adavnaced Controller Management Subtitles/Fields are not consistent
SCGCQ00303138 "Manage DHSP Drives" is always grayed out in VD Advanced Properties
SCGCQ00303137 On Success message title is showing "Warning"
SCGCQ00303109 "Go" Button is missing for "Drive Erase" operation
SCGCQ00302643 VDs does not display Current Power Save Policy value for all power save policies.
SCGCQ00301202 Should not allow to check both boxed for Secure and Protected VD during Create VD
SCGCQ00300486 Coonfiguration management form is blank if there is no drives connected.
SCGCQ00300472 HII - Main menu does not update the forms after adding to an enclosure
SCGCQ00300216 Help is missing in multiple places
SCGCQ00300215 Text String needs to update for CacheCade VD "Write Cache Policy" options
SCGCQ00300205 PD level Operation is not working properly
SCGCQ00300197 HII - Save controller events did not save the events appropriately
SCGCQ00299958 HII - Expand Virtual Drive gives success message but does not work, goes to wrong page after success message
SCGCQ00299933 HOST Port Count value is inconsistent in RAID Management utilities
SCGCQ00299861 "Advanced" form for CacheCade VD is not implemented properly
SCGCQ00304342 Enable Drive Security EKMS mode on Success message title is showing "Error message"
SCGCQ00294022 OnLine PD Info goes to irrelevant Pop Up message
SCGCQ00304782 Doesn't show the progress for some of the operation in VD Management form
SCGCQ00304785 "STOP" button should be grayed out or suppressed during Reconstruction
SCGCQ00304820 VD Nmae is not interactive and Success message need to be different for Rebuild and Consistency Check
SCGCQ00305300 Doesn't allow to create second Protected VD on the Disk group
SCGCQ00305301 Doesn't allow enabling/disabling PI support (controller property)
SCGCQ00304819 HII/Emergency Hotspare is reported for UG and HSP drives as "eligible/ineligible" - (SCGCQ00281514)
SCGCQ00300216 Help is missing in multiple places
SCGCQ00300192 Manage SSD Caching is showing all the VD's in the list in HII. - (SCGCQ00294957)
SCGCQ00299922 Add informational message for corner cases
SCGCQ00296912 Form Title is not correct for Drive information when check view assiciated PD information for VD
SCGCQ00296201 Doesn't show what opertaion is running but shows the progress
SCGCQ00294080 On TB controller, making unconfigured bad drive to Good, goes to JBOD description
SCGCQ00294960 Doesn't show all the options for Erase Mode
SCGCQ00292023 HII - Not able to set Consistency Check start Date and Time
SCGCQ00291970 HII - In Drive Management some of the field are empty
SCGCQ00291822 Dedicated HSP option is not available in Select Drive Operation
SCGCQ00294015 Doesn't show the Drive ID correctly
SCGCQ00294035 Doesn't shows the Form Title correctly for Advanced Battery Management
SCGCQ00293163 HII -Replace Drive, goes to wrong form after success message. Replace drive operation is not working.
SCGCQ00292010 "Secure Erase" Primitive should not appear if drive is not secured
SCGCQ00292005 Clicking on "Go" to start Check Consistency operation, goes to wrong form
SCGCQ00291450 HII - "Reconfigure Virtual Drives" all fields are greyed out.
SCGCQ00291992 VD Management form goes to wrong form after starting the operation
SCGCQ00291394 Text string is missing for some of the fields in Advanced Drive Information, though it shows the value for that fields
SCGCQ00291324 Grayout root menu options when no drive, encl or battery is connected
SCGCQ00293373 HEFU: LSIP200198414/LSIP200229508/LSIP200231613: Disables all requirement for human input at boot time
SCGCQ00293092 Redesign battery related pages in MR HII HEFU
SCGCQ00293103 Hii- clean up / rearrange code
SCGCQ00291992 VD Management form goes to wrong form after starting the operation
SCGCQ00291893 "Associated Virtual Drive" is missing in Form 8
SCGCQ00291428 Assign GHSP ends up with irrelevant pop up messge.
SCGCQ00291394 Text string is missing for some of the fields in Advanced Drive Information, though it shows the value for that fields
SCGCQ00291390 Spelling Mistakes in some of the forms
SCGCQ00291382 As per Doc A.7, Create VD and Create CacheCadeVD should not be implemented under VD Management
SCGCQ00291350 HII-Clear foreign configuration warning message displays repeatedly
SCGCQ00291336 It should allow to check box only one PD for Assocoated Drives
SCGCQ00291324 Grayout root menu options when no drive, encl or battery is connected
SCGCQ00290602 In some of the Forms Title has missing strings
SCGCQ00290584 "View Drive Properties" is grayed out when select the PD under “Associated Drives”
SCGCQ00290567 Save TTYlog not following new logic
SCGCQ00293474 Can not enable SSD caching in HII

SCGCQ00288524 - Remaining capacity is coming 0 from FW.
SCGCQ00309056 - WebBIOS should not allow RLM for protected VDs with non-PI drives.
SCGCQ00289513 - Battery Firmware vesion(MR_BBU_DESIGN_INFO.moduleVersion) is coming as Null
SCGCQ00308400 - WebBIOS does not warn user before importing PI enabled VD on PI disabled controller.
SCGCQ00309063 - WebBIOS does not show "Day" for Next learn cycle time in battery page. And issue with safe mode.
SCGCQ00308401 - WebBIOS reports incorrect number of foreign configs during "Scan Devices"
SCGCQ00308556 - Preboot apps have to change load address change because of FW changes.
SCGCQ00309218 - WebBIOS displays SSD association screen for Secured and Protected VDs (Virtual drive table is empty).

SCGCQ00313424 Bootblock is using NVRAM data even if NVRAM is uninitialized
SCGCQ00309000 adapters card may training to PCIe Gen2 for certain slots

Various changes

Use MegaCLI to flash the SAS controllers.  MegaCLI can be downloaded from the support and download
section of www.lsi.com

Command syntax:  MegaCli -adpfwflash -f mr2208fw.rom -a0

http://www.lsi.com/downloads/Pub ... P_3.220.05.1881.zip

Firmware updated via MSM.  Thanks.