Cooler Master : 沒有 AI 散熱膏
翻譯傳遞誤解 導致中國區網站出錯
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【官方解畫 🤣】Cooler Master 中國區 21 日發布了球首支「 CryoFuze 5 AI 競彩散熱膏」,聲稱易塗易抹、具有絕緣性及抗腐蝕性,透過不同成份的氧化鋁及鋁粉,達成了 6 種不同的散熱膏顏色,但外界非常好奇竟然這支散熱膏和 AI 有什麼關係,終於 Cooler Master 官方回應︰「我們的散熱膏沒有 AI」。


看來又是工讀生的錯了,Cooler Master 確認這是內部在翻譯傳遞中產生的錯誤,官方聲明如下︰


「Let's clear the air: there is no such thing as "AI thermal paste." This is a straightforward case of information getting "lost in translation." The reference to "AI competitive" on our Chinese site was an error and does not accurately represent the capabilities of Cryofuze 5.


讓我們來澄清一下:「AI散熱膏」這概念並不存在。這只是一個資訊「在翻譯傳遞中產生錯誤」的案例。我們中文網站上提到的「AI 競彩」是一個錯誤描述,這並不代表Cryofuze 5 具備 AI 能力。


What is true is that Cryofuze 5 is our best thermal paste yet. It's incredibly versatile and designed to handle a wide temperature range, making it perfect for today's demanding applications. As AI continues to push the limits of computing, generating more heat than ever, our thermal paste is here to ensure your components stay cool and perform at their best.


真正的情況是,Cryofuze 5 是我們迄今為止最優秀的散熱膏之一。它非常具彈性,設計用於應對廣泛的溫度範圍,非常適合當今高要求的應用,隨著AI不斷推動計算極限,產生的熱量也比以往更多,我們的散熱膏將確保您的元件保持涼爽,並達到最佳性能。


AI is the wave of the future, and with it comes increased demands on your hardware. Cooler Master is committed to helping you get the most out of your machine, and Cryofuze 5 is a testament to that commitment.


AI 是未來的浪潮,隨之而來的是對硬體的增加需求。Cooler Master 致力於幫助您充分發揮機器的潛力,而Cryofuze 5 正是對這一承諾的明證。


Thank you for your understanding. If you have any further questions or need more information, our media relations team is here to help.




無論真相如何,Cooler Master 這支不含 AI 技術的 Cryofuze 5 散熱膏已經爆紅了,小編甚至懷疑這是 Cooler Master 精心策劃的宣傳。