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標題: [保養相關] Restore Faded Black Plastic Trim [打印本頁]

作者: rockie577    時間: 2016-5-10 12:30     標題: Restore Faded Black Plastic Trim

Any suggestion on the product that I can buy in Hong Kong to restore faded black plastic trim? Thanks.
作者: kazunari    時間: 2016-5-17 10:05

回覆 1# rockie577

try Meguiars Plastic Restorer
$68 in SSP
作者: piggyman    時間: 2016-5-17 10:53

回覆 1# rockie577

    Black Plastic trim ... the one suggested by kazunari should be a short term solution.  The effect can be lasted for 3 to 4 weeks in winter.  In raining days, I think it can't last too long.  

For a fair long solution, you can consider to use paint coating ... For my corolla, I used Gtechniq C1 to coat the surface.  It can bring back the matte black look from a grey faded black trim.  about 3 years before ...  I applied once ... it can last for at least 1.5 to 2 years.  When I sold my car out in last May, the black trim was still matte black in look.  It can make the surface up to 90% of its original look.

You may consider.  For sure, try on a small area first ...
作者: rockie577    時間: 2016-5-18 10:53

回覆 3# piggyman

Thanks Ching.

May I know where can i buy such coating in HK? Thanks
作者: piggyman    時間: 2016-5-18 15:28

It is no good to mention here ... no ads here.

PM me if you want to know.

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