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標題: HKEPC Screenshot Grabber 2.0.0 (4-Nov-2014) [打印本頁]

作者: John Lam    時間: 2013-8-6 17:22     標題: HKEPC Screenshot Grabber 2.0.0 (4-Nov-2014)

2013-8-13 20:28

HKEPC Screenshot Grabber


HKEPC Screenshot Grabber is a freeware for overclockers to capture ScreenShot result in Optimized 24Bit lossless PNG (Portable Network Graphics) format . No GUI , Extreme Low CPU & Memory Loading  , 100% Standalone No extra DLL and .NET framework required.

Optimized PNG Format :

HKEPC Screenshot Grabber reduced all unecessary metadata and transparency layer when saving PNG files, 24Bit lossless PNG Files can be converted to much smaller than 8-bit indexed color images without compression, file size is reduced by more than 40% compared with normal PNG format.

The PNG files produced by HKEPC Screenshot Grabber based on Internation Standard (ISO/IEC 15948:2003). PNG images displayed perfectly on all modern website including and

Reduce CPU & Memory Load:

HKEPC Screenshot Grabber is designed for overclockers to save result as PNG under extreme condition, No extra Library and make sure 100% functional under extreme trimmed OS.  

All of the code is uncompressed  , OS can executed directly without disk thrashing and decompression task. Filename saving is based on FormatDateTime('yyyymmdd-hhnnss',now).png , HKEPC Screenshot Grabber have no file exist checking to decrease CPU Loading.

Version : 2.0.0
File Size : 454KB (465,408)
Data : 2014-11-04
Programmed by : Advanced Ivan
OS :  Windows NT, 2000 , XP , Vista , 7 , 8 , 10

-- Advanced lossless 24Bit RGB Format (w/o Alpha Layer)
-- PNG file size is reduced by more than 40%
-- Highly Optimized CPU and Memory usage
-- No GUI , Just for Overclockers
-- 100% Standalone , No extra DLL and .NET framework required

Download :
HKEPC ScreenShot Grabber 2.0

This program is distributed "as is" without any warranties, express or implied. Should any problems arise as a result of using it I shall not be held responsible. Your use of the program is entirely at your own risk.

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作者: John Lam    時間: 2014-11-3 00:58

作者: williamwclee    時間: 2014-11-6 12:08

跟其它 screenshot tool 有乜野分別?
click 了冇反應?
有冇 tutorial?
作者: williamwclee    時間: 2014-11-6 12:14

跟其它 screenshot tool 有乜野分別?
click 了冇反應?
有冇 tutorial? ...
williamwclee 發表於 2014-11-6 12:08

原來靜靜地 clip 了張 png
作者: John Lam    時間: 2014-11-6 13:38


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