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標題: [SELL] Audio Technica portable headphone SQ-5 ~23-10-2010 10:59 end~ [打印本頁]

作者: 晴天pigpig    時間: 2010-10-20 18:30     標題: [SELL] Audio Technica portable headphone SQ-5 ~23-10-2010 10:59 end~

本帖最後由 晴天pigpig 於 2010-10-20 19:54 編輯

SQ-5 ref.

Black in color
brought less than a month
still have 11 months warranty
HK official good
Very good condition, over 90% new
Headphone set, with invoice, extend cable but no box(through away already)
also i will provide a protection case(unoffical)
i sell it so fast because i found that  my head is too big to wear it.. -_-

sorry for no pics(my DC got crashed)

ask for eat price only

trade everyday after 4:30 pm within the MTR route line from Yaumatei to SSP

作者: goldfish    時間: 2010-10-20 19:42

提示: 作者被禁止或刪除 內容自動屏蔽
作者: 晴天pigpig    時間: 2010-10-20 19:52

回復 2# goldfish

the black one

作者: 晴天pigpig    時間: 2010-10-21 17:55

push push....
作者: bone    時間: 2010-10-22 08:58

$300 eat~ thx
作者: 晴天pigpig    時間: 2010-10-22 17:57

thx bone
check pm pls

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