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標題: GALAX 3080 Ti HOF [打印本頁]

作者: AlexBorn    時間: 2021-10-23 00:56     標題: GALAX 3080 Ti HOF

我在卡上找不到 BIOS ... 0ti-hof-oc-lab.html

升压时钟 (MHz) 1815 (P-Mode: 1815MHz / S-Mode: 1725MHz)

该网站 没有它。



  以及在哪里可以下载秘密工具HOF.NVVDD.V3.0.0.4版本? 适用于 GALAX 3080 Ti HOF 显卡。 先感谢您!

Hi guys!
I need your help.
I can't find the BIOS from the card ... 0ti-hof-oc-lab.html

Boost Clock (MHz) 1815 (P-Mode: 1815MHz / S-Mode: 1725MHz)

The site does not have it.

Anyone has this card, please share this version of the BIOS!

Really needed!

  and where can I download the secret tool HOF.NVVDD.V3.0.0.4 version? For GALAX 3080 Ti HOF video card. Thank you in advance!
作者: 1chi    時間: 2021-10-23 02:04

Find this?

via HKEPC IR Pro 3.6.1 - Android(3.3.1)
作者: AlexBorn    時間: 2021-10-23 03:01

回覆 2# 1chi

    Thank you for your answer!

I have seen this bios (bios up to 1000w for record holders on water or nitrogen) and others too.

But there is none with such parameters as on the manufacturer's website - P-mode: 1815 MHz / S-mode: 1725 MHz

We wrote a letter to Galaxy, they do not give this bios - buy such a card ... lol
作者: 乳交七    時間: 2021-10-23 22:28

why would you wanna rewrite the bios just to oc?
作者: 小豪    時間: 2021-10-25 12:35

回覆 3# AlexBorn

The XOC BIOS listed on TPU is not intended for normal usage.
Looks like you have a non-OC Lab version of HOF. The OC Lab version is specially binned and has a higher clock, even you have the BIOS it does not guarantee your card can run stably with the higher clock.

The NVVDD tool is for extreme overclockers only, if you need a copy, try to contact GALAX OC Lab at FB, I can not guarantee they will give you though.

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