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標題: 想買部大mon notebook, 主要家用, 邊部好D? [打印本頁]

作者: [M][I][N][G]    時間: 2009-12-2 02:13     標題: 想買部大mon notebook, 主要家用, 邊部好D?

1. 大mon 15"-17" 越大越好 (最好有 number pad)
2. 要有windows 7
3. come d, 個樣唔洗靚 (價錢平d)

作者: ababab2828    時間: 2009-12-2 07:55     標題: 回覆 1# 的帖子

Saw a Sony 15.6" 2 weeks ago at Broadway for $7xxxx.
Go to SSP, Mongkok, and Wanchai, these "large mon" notebooks are on sale.  Many of these are Vista OS, but could upgrade to Win 7.
Also check Dell online.
作者: deonwing    時間: 2009-12-2 09:13

got a 15.6" Asus  at 5980 in SSP
forget model no.
config T6600, 2G DDR2, G105M display, Windows 7
作者: [M][I][N][G]    時間: 2009-12-3 21:32

請問 compaq cq61 - 224tx ok?
現金價 $5480
15.6" mon 1366 768
cpu P7350
3GB ram
320GB hdd
Gefprce G103M
have HDMI out
有number pad
vista, sales 話幫我upgrade 埋正版win7, free的


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