[MW2] a tweak to better show ping

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long story short:
If you want an honest reflection of your ping, you might want to try this:

    * Navigate to the folder: 'program files\steam\steamapps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\players' and open the file config_mp.cfg
    * Change scoresping_interval from 100 to 20, and maxbars from 4 to 10 (10 is the max).
    * This means that each of the 10 bars represents 20ms, with full green being 20ms or lower, and 1 red being 200ms or higher.

now the 10 bars do a very good job in telling me who's the host (avoid at best) and how should i play the game (like if im just having  5~6 bars meaning i have 80~100+ ping then it'd not be a good idea to play knife)

and in some games i kindly asked the host (who always or most of the time 10 bars; even local connection to host is just 9 bars at best, therefore its easy to see who's the host) to stop dling things or, if possible, let someone else host the game if it becomes unplayable (in ways such as normal lag, stuttering caused by host's com not good enough, bandwidth issue and the MYSTERIOUS MATRIX-LIKE BULLET TIME SLOWMO)
so, with the traditional 4 bars only config its difficult to tell whos host but with the 10 bars config its almost like instant
and honestly most of the game i have been playing is having a ping around 70~80+ ping, i.e. linked to hosts at tw, jp or kor