《Heroes Of Newerth》特效令人驚豔的DotA遊戲

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喜愛DotA的玩家有福了,隨著 DotA 在全球大紅大紫,仿製 DotA 遊戲方法製作的對戰類網路遊戲也如雨後春筍般冒了出來,除了擁有原 DotA 遊戲製作班底的嫡系傳人《傳說同盟》(League of Legends)之外,以《魔獸爭霸》RPG 為藍本,融入 DotA 思想的《夢三國》也不甘示弱從多方面發動宣傳攻勢。

  《Heroes Of Newerth》(簡稱HoN)是由曾經推出過《Savage》系列遊戲的S2Games公司,所研發的即時戰略多人對戰遊戲,日前已進入 Beta 測試階段,並透過歐美遊戲網站釋出參加測試的名額。

  根據國外媒體報導,《Heroes Of Newerth》其實是從 DotA All Stars 所得來的靈感,再採用自製的核心引擎,來呈現出類似《魔獸爭霸3》的遊戲風格與娛樂性。但由於感覺實在過於相近,因此也有網友戲稱《Heroes Of Newerth》為「DotA All Stars 2.0」。

  《Heroes Of Newerth》最特別的是加強了「斷開重連」的設計,也就是說,你再也不用擔心電腦當機或是網路不穩斷線後,隊友大罵三字經,只要重新再連後就可進入遊戲。

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5 ... ure=player_embedded  
遊戲目前仍在 CB 中,共有 62 位可選用英雄,聯軍方 31 位和地獄方 31 位,還在陸續增加,並提供windows、mac和linux版本的下載,與支援區域網路模式。


I can't even connect to a game room.....


共有 62 位可選用英雄,聯軍方 31 位和地獄方 31 位

that mean we cannot fight the "clone"


如果可以 31 對31  都唔錯wor..


隻野而家beta 都想叫人俾錢wor...都OK 既....

玩lol wor..



Hey everyone,
I wanted to send out an email to let everyone know that HoN is going retail on Wednesday, May 12 @ 4:00pm EST (-5 GMT).  Starting Wednesday, May 5 @ 4:00pm EST (-5 GMT) we will allow accounts that purchase (or have already pre-purchased) to claim nicknames of accounts that are not pre-purchased.  If there is a nickname you want or if you would like to secure your own nickname, please take the time to purchase your account now instead of later.
Going to retail is exciting news for the game but raises many questions.  I tried to cover many of those questions in this FAQ.
1.) What happens when HoN goes retail?

When HoN goes retail it will require a paid account to play.  If you have not purchased your account you may do so by visiting https://www.heroesofnewerth.com/purchase_account.php

2.) Will HoN be free?  How much will it cost?  Are there any recurring fees?
HoN will not be free, it will cost a ONE TIME $30.00 USD payment with ZERO recurring fees.

3.) What will happen with stats, replays, PSR, and SMR after retail?
All stats will be reset upon release.  Also all historical data of previous matches, including replays, will be purged.  SMR and PSR (the ratings used for match making and public games) will be compressed, bringing all accounts closer to 1500 as we feel this will positively impact gameplay and team balances post release.

4.) Will HoN still be updated and new content added after retail?
We plan to consistently update HoN with lots of new heroes, items, features, and other goodies throughout the product life cycle for free.

5.) If I Pre-Purchased can my name be taken?  How do I stop my name from being taken?
If you pre-purchased your account your nickname can not be taken and that is the only way to secure it.

6.) If I Pre-Purchase before May 5th, can I take a non Pre-Purchased accounts name?
Absolutely, and on top of that we will make sure that all pre-purchased accounts have one nickname change credit to use for May 5.

7.) Are Golden Shields, Golden Names, and Taunt available anymore?  Will they ever be available again?
Unfortunately those pre-purchase incentives ended with closed beta a month ago.  We will not sell Golden Shields or Golden Names again but accounts will be able to acquire Taunt and other cool account features post release.
8.) I'm from South East Asia and I can't Pre-Purchase, why?  How will I play after retail?
We will be making our formal announcement for our partner and strategy for SEA early next week.  If you play from SEA your nickname will be able to taken but that will not impact you moving forward past retail.
I want to thank everyone who helped us beta test the game.  I could not be more proud of the product we have created and I look forward to seeing most of you post retail!  If you have not purchased the game yet, you may do so at
Warmest Regards,