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之前Beta 一開始果時,
我可以將間房轉做 private room
咁就可以有 8個人入來 (如果無記錯好似係)

而家叫上左 Production啦
吾知有無師兄指教一下? 謝謝

自問自答 :
http://www.osirisguide.com/diabl ... ist-of-differences/

Games are now limited to 4 Players instead of 8 Players. The developers found that the best co-operation happened in groups of 2-4, and players seemed to prefer that size of group. As a result, the limit on players in public games is now 4 total players. This means there is less of a chance someone will be off doing something on their own in a public game. This also seems to increase the rate of drops in single player games (in the beta, although limited to normal mode of Act I, I cannot really tell a difference between the drops I get in single player versus 4 player games, at least when fighting near other players).


老實. 人多既優點就係唔使自己一個人 爆所有樽 砍所有樹.
怪物係多左. 但唔知點解一個人打到骷髏王係8級. 4個人打到骷髏王又係8級.

不過打怪時 有個近戰在前面, 就可以一野放空所有 mana. 望住 d 數字係咁跳. 自己又唔使避黎避去. 爽好多.


4 人房唔夠玩, 我同朋友加埋都五個人,無得join 埋一齊打,無咁好玩