Arma 3 Showcase video roundup

Update #1

This ‘Supports’ Showcase takes a closer look at some of the options Arma 3 gives you to engage your enemy from afar! We demonstrate Artillery, Close Air Support, and talk a little about our prototype context-sensitive hint system.

VEHICLE Showcase
This showcase introduces the Strider, outlining some of our plans for vehicles, including the PhysX™-supported driving model, new sound effects, Forward Looking Infra Red, and more!

NIGHT OPS Showcase
This Night Ops Showcase takes a look at some of the great enhancements to lighting, and demonstrates the way that lots of little features work together to create even better gameplay opportunities in a short fire fight.

DIVING Showcase
This Diving Showcase takes a closer look at the brand new underwater environment, demonstrating vehicles, movement, combat, and discussing the kind of gameplay potential on offer ‘unda da sea’!

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30 secs to Mars, This is WAR!

Since ARMA 3's new tagline is This is War.  I dedicated this song to the game, it's very befitting.