Planetside1 veteran 有六個月 free!

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暫時得好少人知, server 無人 ... lanetside-1.127192/
It's been ten years since the Terran Republic, Vanu Sovereignty, and New Conglomerate first fought viciously over terrain in PlanetSide 1, a tradition that continues as conflict rages across Indar, Esamir, and Amerish in PlanetSide 2. Join us in celebrating this anniversary by remembering your service in PlanetSide 1.

As a thank you to those veterans, every former PlanetSide 1 subscriber will be granted 6 months of PlanetSide 1 membership absolutely free! Relive those glory days and bring honor to your empire!

Note: Time grants are ongoing but all eligible players should receive it within the next 24 hours.