FIFA 2015 is Buggy

"I would like to report a problem with FIFA 15 demo. The game is laggy if I select unlimited FPS. It's working all right if I set the FPS limit to 60, but only if I set MSAA to 2x. Even in this case I have only fix 30 FPS in cutscenes and replays, and for some reason it's laggy in these occasions. The gameplay runs on fix 60 FPS. If I set the MSAA to 4x, it works mostly on 60 FPS, but when I'm in front of goal, it's only 30 and it's laggy. If I set the FPS limit to 30 it's always laggy, doesn't matter which graphic settings I choose. Fix 30 FPS should be all right I think, it is sadly not all right. Unlimited FPS should be all right as well, but it's laggy, even when I have 100 - 120 FPS. It's really annoying, because my config would run it just fine on full settings in full HD, and its lagging. I hope you can work something out in the full game. I'm looking forward to have an answer before I buy the game on the 26th of September."

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I also suffering this problem even I am playing the final version....

EA eat SXit la


demo lag -> final version 又是LAG