The Evil Within PC version


From their website seems "The Evil Within" has PC version.
Any info on when PC version will be available in HK ?



From their website seems "The Evil Within" has PC version.
Any info on when PC version will be  ...
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我睇到 STEAM好多外國player 隻steam到留cm嘈緊個fps同個圖像得1024x728嘈得好勁.大家睇定d先xD



終於都入左手,送多個dlc code
而家steam d/l緊,


C兄想請問個DLC CODE 晌邊度輸出.我搵唔到晌邊輸入....




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To access the debug console, do the following:

In Steam, right click on The Evil Within and select “properties” then under the General tab, hit “set launch options.” Put this in to unlock the console: +com_allowconsole 1

Once the game has launched, hit the Insert key to bring down the developer console.
These are the commands you can use and some notes about each:
R_swapinterval <NUMBER> // Sets the FPS lock.
Note that the numbers below are negative. -2: This is the default, set to 30 FPS. This is the officially supported frame rate.
-1: This sets the FPS limit to 60. Fully playable, although there may be quirks (we’re going to fix these).
0: This fully unlocks the FPS. We do not recommend playing above 60. We will not fix any issues above 60.

God // God mode. You are effectively invincible, and certain enemy kill moves will not be used against you (Laura, for example, will not jump on you)

Noclip // Allows you to walk through walls

G_infiniteammo // Unlimited ammo (provided you have at least 1 bullet when you enable this)

G_stoptime 1 // Stops time. Note there is a bug right now where using this command causes a UI element to appear on screen.
We’re looking to fix that in the near future. Re enable time with g_stoptime 0

Toggledebugcamera // Separates the camera from Sebastian so you can freely move around the

R_forceaspectratio <NUMBER> // Sets the aspect ratio. Default is 2.5, which is our official aspect ratio. 0 is full screen, but not ideal. 1.8 or 2 is probably most comfortable for those who don’t want bars.

Com_showFPS // Turns on id’s native FPS counter

Startslowmotion2 // Slows down time

Stopslowmotion // Disables slow motion

source link: ... _evil_within_on_pc/



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