Star Citizen又要cap水 LOL

Cloud Imperium raises further $46 million for Star Citizen

Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium has announced that it has secured a further $46 million private investment to support the space-simulation game.

The epic game, which has already raised a record $200 million in funding – originally kicked off by a 2012 Kickstarter campaign which raised $2.1 million – will now benefit from having a huge marketing war-chest earmarked for the long-awaited single-player campaign entitled Squadron 42.

Announcing the investment on its corporate blog, Cloud Imperium said: “The investment is led by Clive Calder’s family office and Keith Calder’s Snoot Entertainment. The investment was made equally into the US and the UK parent of Cloud Imperium at a combined valuation of $450 million, resulting in a post-money valuation of $496 million.” Cloud Imperium CEO Chris Roberts added: “This investment helps secure our investment but beyond that, this investment gives Cloud Imperium the ability to take the long view when needed and allows us to grow as a company. I couldn’t be happier.”

Squadron 42 was originally touted for a 2014 release, before being delayed until 2017, then beyond. Current estimates suggest it is likely to enter a beta programme in 2020. For Squadron 42 news, keep an eye on its webpage. ... n-for-star-citizen/



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不停咁賣船都已經發到豬頭咁... 仲要乜鬼 investment ?
能正正經咁嘔得出隻 Squadron 42 都算拾倒了.
隻 Star Citizen 我真係唔知佢點平衡 d 買左一隻船同果 d 買左一堆船的人.

我只知我部機行哩隻 game 十分之吃力.


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有時覺得之前買隻 Elite : Dangerous 無科水 Star Citizen 可能真係無做錯
至少見到 Elite 一路都有新content , 當然有新 DLC 要科水啦
Star Citizen 唔係無但係見佢 D 賣船廣告 @ YouTube 重有心機整過D 真廣告
真係唔知要幾多年後先出 ... mpressions#comments

我好慶幸當時兩隻game 我選擇左 Elite Dangerous 黎買
至少依家一路都有update + content 玩 , 只係我無時間玩
(有 sub 佢個news letter 每個月都有封update , 同埋睇 dev / community log 真係有player collab 整event 玩的)


star citizen主事班developers太大想頭, 設定都無雷公咁大, 想乜嘢元素都有
又simulation, 又fps


star citizen主事班developers太大想頭, 設定都無雷公咁大, 想乜嘢元素都有
又simulation, 又fps ...
takayo72 發表於 29-12-2018 06:07 AM

主要問題 開大左個頭依家收唔到....
反而呢樣野 Elite Dangerous 做得好過佢
開頭比人話悶 , 空洞 , 但係 比到玩家 真係有個in-game world 玩 , 慢慢追加新feature 玩法咪幾好
一路keep 出 DLC , 重追加VR mode 都夠食


Elite Dangerous 我仲玩緊 (已經累積咗700小時)
最新Beyond Chapter 4 update都仲係免費 (如已有Horizon Season Pass)
不過來緊新內容 (新season) 應該會收錢