Windows 8 installation test for Asus 901

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Windows 8 installation test for Asus 901

***** How to use Windows 8
OS after success installed, more old functions like Windows 7,
because I do not want to create MS account for Email, media play, and more Apps trail and buy,
just want to use as Windows 7 old functions,
after power on Asus 901, goto OS Windows 8,
auto display a screen with [Start],
inside [Start] with more square box,
e.g. Email, contact, message center, Desktop .....
click [Desktop], goto "Desktop", it look Windows 7 and XP,
from bottom-L task bar, click [Yellow Folder] > [Desktop],
found [Control Penal], [Computer], [Libraries], [Network] .....
click [Control Penal] > [System and Security] > [System],
found basic information about your computer,

if want to quit,
just press key [MS icon key], from Asus 901 key board,
auto goto the screen with [Start],
click [User] > [Sign out]
auto goto the screen with [High Tower],
click [Bottom-L] and [Bottom-R],
select [shut down] to quit,
auto power OFF Asus 901,

***** Windows 8 和 Windows 7 and XP 之比較,
Asus 901 沒有電容屏幕, 手撥功能欠奉,
優點 : Windows 8 其畫面, 文字放大縮小較好,
press [Control]+[ALT]+[Print Screen], 文字反差之效果很好, 更易讀,
上網, 聽歌, 看video, 讀文件 xxx.pdf, xxx.chm, 和 Windows 7 XP 效果相同,
缺點 : Windows 8 使用 SSD memory size 較大,
SSD 16 GB, 不能安裝多些軟件, MS office 不安裝,
如果定要使用 MS office,
可以 copy MS office portable 往 SD memory, 不佔用 SSD memory size,
同樣地, 坊間亦有些 portable 軟件, 可以試用在 Asus 901 上,

結語 : 如果換高速大size SSD, Windows 8 比 Windows 7 and XP 較好,
可惜自己不想再投資多些在 Asus 901 上,
而平日工作和娛樂, desktop PC 己轉用 Windows 8, 多於 Windows 7 and XP,
HDD 1TB, RAM 4GB, Windows 8 pro x86 English 效果很好,

Asus EeePC 901 installation 20130321
OS install into slow speed SSD 16GB, device is working, but speed is slow,
hard ware drivers come from Asus 901 for Windows XP, detail see below,
hope can help,

***** Success method

Asus 901 not support boot from USB memory,
then Windows 8 pro 32bit install from USB DVD disk,
external DVD disk is SATA type, connect a converter, SATA to USB,
if connect success, Asus 901 should be found [USB:HL-DT DVD RAM],

power on Asus 901,
press [F2], Bios setup utility, Boot, Boot Settings,

Hard Disk Drivers
1st Driver [HDD:SM-ASUS-PHISON], (SSD 04GB, SLC), normal speed,
2nd Driver [HDD:SS-ASUS-PHISON], (SSD 16GB, MLC), slow speed,
3rd Driver [USB:Single Flash Reader]

Boot Device Priority
1st Boot Device [ATAP CD-ROM] > [USB:HL-DT-ST DVD RAM],
2nd Boot Device [HDD: SM-ASUS-PHISON], for system,
3rd Boot Device [Disabled]

because Asus 901 not allow 1st boot from USB flash memory,
but allow 1st boot from USB DVD disk,

when install OS Windows 8 pro x86 from DVD disk,
Windows 8 not accept install into SSD 04GB,
maybe memory size too small,
but accept install into SSD 16GB, 2 SSD after formated,
SSD 04GB auto change to system,
SSD 16GB auto change to primary (NTFS), allow install OS Windows 8,
maybe SSD 16GB is MLC, slow speed memory, install time is 90 minutes,
after installed, goto My Computer,
SSD 04GB not found,
just found C: SSD 16GB,
rename it as C:Win-8-pro-en
goto Device manager, found Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, Webcamera, are no drivers support,
but LAN, USB drivers, touch pad are working,
internet explorer 10 allow browse website,

run software driver, from Asus 901 for Windows XP, (download from Asus website)
install 02-晶片組 V8.3.1.1011
install 03-ATK V4.00.0010
install 08-無線網卡驅動程式 V1.2.0.0
found Wi-Fi and BlueTooth are working,
press key [fn]+[F2], WLan ON & Bluetooth OFF, (Blue LED ON)
press key [fn]+[F2], WLan OFF & Bluetooth ON, (Blue LED ON)
press key [fn]+[F2], WLan & Bluetooth ON, (Blue LED ON)
press key [fn]+[F2], WLan & Bluetooth OFF, (Blue LED OFF)

on desktop, bottom side Task bar, click [show hidden icon]
found icon [EeePC Tray Utility], click it with more functions inside,
e.g. switch of [Wi-Fi], [BlueTooth], [webcamera],
e.g. screen resolution selector, [LCD 800x600], [LCD 1024x600], [LCD 1024x768],

OS after activate by xxx,
Windows update from website, 16GB memory just remain 1.0GB free,
found audio driver working,

want to install RamDisk, but more softwares not support Windows 8,
after test more times, installed software as below,

***** installed software
WinRAR 4.20 32bit tc
Primo Ramdisk Professional Edition v5.3.0 (R:1GB/2GB FAT32)
Windows Photo Viewer--BMP, JPG, PNG, GIF,
windows Media Player--WMV,
Pure Codec 20110330---FLV, mpg, avi, ts, m2ts, rm, rmvb, mov,
PDF-XChange Viewer V2.0411 portable
WinAmp 205--mp3, mid,

***** Screen Resolution
Resolution : 800 x 600 pixels

***** Text size
Title bar : 11 > 19, [v]Bold,
Menus : 9 > 19,
Message box : 9 > 19,
Patette titles : 11 > 19,
icons : 9 > 19,
Tooltips : 9 > 19,

*****Fail config and setting

remove SSD 04GB, just SSD 16GB inside (MLC slow speed),
when OS Windows 8 pro DVD installing,
found SSD 16GB is Logical drive,
auto warning not allow install Windows 8 Pro 32 bit,

but I want install continue,
click : [Delete] SSD 16GB, [New] SSD 16GB,
auto create 2 partitions in SSD 16GB as below,
Drive 0 Partition 1 : System reserved, 350.0MB (System)
Drive 0 Partition 2 : _______________, 14.7 GB (Primary)
click : [Format] partition 2, 14.7 GB (Primary)
install path select to partition 2, but fail,
maybe SSD not allow create 2 partitions,
maybe SSD 16GB is slow type , Window 8 not accept to install,

but I want install continue,
reboot PC again, OS install from USB DVD ROM,
install path is partition 2 (primary), is accept install,
(maybe Windows 8 no scan partition 2 (primary), do not know is slow type),
but install speed is slow,
after 60 minutes, installation stop at 27% for a long long time,
install fail,

[F2] Bios setup utility, Boot, Boot Settings,

Hard Disk Drivers
1st Driver [HDD:SS-ASUS-PHISON], (SSD 16GB,MLC),
x2nd Driver [HDD:SM-ASUS-PHISON], (SSD 04GB,SLC), removed,
2nd Driver [USB:Single Flash Reader]

Boot Device Priority
1st Boot Device [ATAP CD-ROM] > [USB:HL-DT-ST DVD RAM],
2nd Boot Device [HDD: SS-ASUS-PHISON]
3rd Boot Device [Disabled]

*****old config with Windows XP
C: os04-XP-32 (Drive 0 Partition 1 : System)
D: 016D-DAT-5 (Drive 1 Partition 1 : Logical)