MSI AM2+ / AM3 Support 名單出爐

In order to serve the users well, before the 45nm Phenom™ processor sale in the market, MSI provides an easy upgrade concept. The upgradeable BIOS allow the previous Socket AM2+ mainboard to support the AM3 and AM2+ 45nm processors. At present, a number of products have completed the pre-verification procedures, and enables consumers to download the BIOS, including the AMD 7 series and NVIDIA® series chipset based products. Users will enjoy the fun of upgrading to new nanometer process processor.

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K9A2 Platinum V2         AMD® 790FX         Beta BIOS(A7376AMS.166)
K9A2 Platinum         AMD® 790FX         Beta BIOS(A7376AMS.166)
DKA790GX         AMD® 790GX         A7550AMS.130
DKA790GX Platinum         AMD® 790GX         A7550AMS.130
KA790GX         AMD® 790GX         Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.123)
KA790GX-M         AMD® 790GX         Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.H23)
K9A2 CF         AMD® 790X         Beta BIOS(A7388AMST.185)
KA780G         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.G23)
KA780G-M         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7551AMST.323)
KA780GM2         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7549AMS.311)
KA780GM         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7552AMST.211)
KA780GM-M         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7552AMST.121)
K9A2GM-FD         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)
K9A2GM-FIH         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)
K9A2GM-FIH-S         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)
K9A2GM-F V2         AMD® 780G         Beta BIOS(A7302AMS.137)
K9A2VM-F V2         AMD® 780V         Beta BIOS(A7302AMS.137)
K9A2VM-FD         AMD® 780V         Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)
K9A2VM-FIH         AMD® 780V         Beta BIOS(A7501AMS.153)
KA780VM         AMD® 780V         Beta BIOS(A7549AMS.111)
K9A2 Neo-F         AMD® 770         Beta BIOS(A7388AMST.185)
K9A2 Neo2         AMD® 770         Beta BIOS(A7388AMS.713T)
K9A2GM V3         AMD® 740         Beta BIOS(A7302AMS.219)
K9N2 Diamond         NVIDIA nForce® 780a SLI         Beta BIOS(A7375NMS.221T)
K9N2 SLI Platinum         NVIDIA nForce® 750a SLI         Beta BIOS(A7374NMS.331T)
K9N2 Zilent         NVIDIA nForce® 750a SLI         Beta BIOS(A7374NMS.331T)
K9N2G Neo         NVIDIAR GeForce 8200         Beta BIOS(A7511NMS.123)
K9N2GM-F V2         NVIDIAR GeForce 8200         Beta BIOS(A7509NMS.1T)
K9N2GM-FD         NVIDIAR GeForce 8200         Beta BIOS(A7508NMS.1T)
K9N2GM-FIH         NVIDIAR GeForce 8200         Beta BIOS(A7508NMS.3T)
K9N6PGM2-V         NVIDIAR MCP61         Beta BIOS(A7309NMS.934)



not many can be found in HK market v_v