Nvidia won't have DX11 cards until H1 '10

[fudzilla]Computex 09: Rumour from Taiwan

Nvidia can't be too happy over the fact that AMD was showing off working silicon of its DirectX 11 hardware at Computex, especially as we heard a lot of rumours during the show that Nvidia won't have its own DirectX 11 products ready until sometime in the first half of next year.

We wouldn't even expect it to happen all that soon, as our understanding is that Nvidia is busy re-working a lot of its planned GPUs. From what we were told, TSMC is the source of this leak, as they've been talking to various people in the business and said that Nvidia won't have any DirectX 11 parts this year and not even early next year.

This is indeed bad news for Nvidia which seems to get attacked by AMD on every front these days without having anything to respond back with. Nvidia might be leading on the high-end of the market, but considering how small this part of the graphics card market is, Nvidia must be feeling the heat.

However, Tegra seems to have brought a lot of attention to Nvidia and with ION having been opened up to be matched up with any and all Intel CPUs, Nvidia might yet have a chance to make some good money this year, at least as long as they can bring out some exciting new devices together with its partners.


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