Intel 短期內會推出 Core 2 Quad Q9500, Q9505

Core 2 Quad Q9500: 2.83Ghz, 6MB L2, LGA775, 95W TDP
Core 2 Quad Q9505: 2.83Ghz, 6MB L2, LGA775, 95W TDP, VT

Intel has a rather unexciting product to introduce, and this time it's not Core i7 / Core i5 but rather Core 2 Quad based. This Yorkfield 45nm quad-core fits socket LGA775 and it is called Core 2 Quad Q9500.

It works at 2.83GHz and can be seen as crippled version of Q9550 CPU that works at 2.83GHZ but has 12MB of cache. Q9500 will have only 6MB of cache

To make things even more complicated Intel also has Core 2 Quad Q9505 which shares the same specification as Q9500 but as the name indicates, it has a few more features such as Intel VT-d and Intel TXT support. All these CPUs have 95W TDP and the Q9500 should be introduced shortly.  


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