AMD將於2010年Q1推出下一代Opterons, 其中分為兩個版本, 分別為 8核版本 及 12核版本

Magny Cours is 8 and 12 cores

Q1 2010 launch

AMD has confirmed Fudzilla that its plan to reveal next generation Opterons known as G34 is on schedule for Q1 2010. Last time when we heard AMD talking about G34 and Magny Cours, the company was not specific with the launch date, they rather said it's 2010. Now we know that AMD aims for Q1.

AMD has just launched new energy efficient six-core Istanbul with an ACP of 40W (TDP 60W) and hopes to compete better with Intel’s six-core Dunnington.

AMD went one step further confirming that this Magny Cours CPU comes in two variants, first with eight cores and second with twelve cores. AMD will official band them as Opteron 6000 series and it should operate under a similar power envelope as the current highest end Opteron CPUs.

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唉 過多半年就8核12核 而家都係得4核


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唉 過多半年就8核12核 而家都係得4核

it's talking about server computer