More Fermi benchmarks show up

In addition to those Far Cry 2 benchmarks that we had a chance to see a few days ago, those beaverish guys from Hardware Canucks managed to score a bit more detailed ones which also include a simulated HD 5870 card as well. Nvidia's GF100 ends up faster than both the GTX 285 and the simulated HD 5870, in both Far Cry 2 and Dark Void as well.

Hardware Canucks decided to include the scores that they simulated on a similar system to the one that Nvidia was using. Nvidia went with Intel's Core i7 960, 6GB of 1600MHz memory and an Asus Rampage II Extreme motherboard all happily running on Windows 7 OS. According to Hardware Canucks, their simulated system was performing within two percent of the results on Nvidia's system with GTX 285, so the results are pretty much what you could expect when Fermi GF 100 crosses its rendering power with AMD's HD 5870.

On the other hand, there are rumours that the benchmarked card which everyone saw was either a cut-down version with 448 Stream Processors, or the underclocked 512SP version, while the retail version should end up with 512SP. In any case these results aren't the final scores and should only show a general picture of Fermi performance as with driver and clock tweaking, Nvidia could pull few more frames per second from this beast.

Nvidia's GF 100 should end up faster than the HD 5870, but AMD will hang on to the performance throne with HD 5970 and in the end, the price will be the key. In any case, Fermi has been benched and we are sure that more information should follow once we get closer to the actual release of the card.

You can find the Far Cry 2 benchmarks here, while the Dark Void benches can be seen here.



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