[FW - Anandtech] AMD 2009 Q4 財務報告


....On the technology side we've seen AMD's graphics division spend an entire quarter driving their own destiny. With Fermi/GF100 delayed well in to Q1 of this year, Q4 was all about the Radeon 5000 series – and it would have been an even better quarter if only it weren't for that pesky TSMC 40nm supply problem. AMD's CPU division didn't have quite as rosy of a time, but Intel's price gaps below $200 have left AMD with a viable value market.

HD5000 系列 x Windows 7 真係幫到唔少
如果唔係 TSMC 40nm 良率低既話.......分分鐘重賣多d  

AMD will branch production to GF, to share the risk. Now is all up to GF's 32nm SOI and 28nm bulk progress.