Nvidia won't negotiate with Rambus

"We talked for eight years before they sued"

Two days ago Rambus won a US ITC case against Nvidia, which found the company violated three Rambus patents in its memory controllers.

However, Nvidia doesn't seem keen to reach a settlement with Rambus, or should we say it doesn't think a settlement is possible at this point, hence it claims it won't negotiate with Rambus.

Nvidia General Counsel David Shannon believes it's not realistic to expect an agreement between the two companies to be reached anytime soon. “Rambus and Nvidia talked for eight years before they sued us,” said Shannon. He stressed that the ruling will not interrupt Nvidia's business. “Our customers will never have their businesses interrupted...Our position is there will be no exclusion order.”

Shannon added that Nvidia has several options to prevent an import ban and that it plans to appeal the ITC decision in court.

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from: The New York Times