Office 365擊敗G-Suite取得美國國防部10年合約

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Microsoft's VARs beat Google' G-Suite to $8 billion military contract

之前已預期Google G-Suite係冇機, 純粹係做陪跑角色, .
As predicted, Google did not stand a chance in the race to be the back-end office suite supplier for the US Defense Department.

個國防部10年合約, 唔係MS直接取得, 係由一間CSRA LLC, 伙拍Dell Marketing L.P. 和 Minburn Technology Group LLC組成既聯盟, 係Microsoft's VARs(我估VAR意思係Value Added Reseller).

This 10-year deal will see the replacement of the Department of Defense's legacy productivity software with more modern, cloud-based technology for over 3 million military personnel.

Office 365取得合約既原因, 係具備國防部必需既Impact Level 5 & 6要求(又係斷估, 係D 雲端既功能).
Microsoft is not the only player in town, but they are the only player in town capable of meeting [Impact Levels] 5 and 6 and delivering what the Defense Department says it wants.

另一邊, 就係MS同Amazon正在激烈競爭緊美國國防部個雲端合約.
原先已係Amazon既囊中物, 後來被發現編寫國防部標書既, 係前Amazon職員.
份標書係同Amazon雲端功能度身訂做, 寫完份標書, 之後又返回Amazon工作.
被揭發後,  美國國防部被迫重新審查!

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之前已預期Google G-Suite係冇機, 純粹係做陪跑角色, .

個國防部10年合約, 唔係MS直接取得, 係由一間CS ...
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Google, Amazon都係左仔, 同共和黨/軍佬係敵對...G-Suite gmail IMAP同Outlook加埋就係地獄.


Google, Amazon都係左仔, 同共和黨/軍佬係敵對...G-Suite gmail IMAP同Outlook加埋就係地獄. ...
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