National Air and Space Museum in Washington, DC (part1)
Not the one at The Mall, but this one much bigger and near the DC airport. ....
40d, Tokina atx-116

f/4 1/60 16mm iso500

f/4 1/60 11mm iso500

f/3.2 1/40 16mm iso500
This will be my favorite... all the TV gaming.... Excalibur III (The P-51 Mustang)

f/2.8 1/25 15mm iso500

f/3.5 1/60 15mm iso800
me and BD-38. US3000 airplane... and of course my 3 kids

f/3.5 1/50 16mm iso800
one man band, need only 5 hours of training for non-pilot and top speed? 42mph... another US$ waste project I guess....

f/4 1/60 16mm iso800
Sweet Air France. Bady!

f/4 1/50 16mm iso1250
The mean machine, lady and gentlemen.... Blackbird.. THE fastest jet in the world... it will hit the bullet out of gun, faster with 200mph... that's fast.

f/3.5 1/50 11mm iso1000
Enterprise... no.

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一睇到有樣果張相, 未睇description



I do have 3 kids. 6,4, 3and half years old.




could be. I am sure if I can just get more time...
between wake up at 5, fix breakfast, drive 4 + hours

This 2 days DC tour hit 3 spots: National Air and Space Museum, National Zoo (on first day). Then the mall at second day.

My original plan was to see the money print... but I guess that will save for another day.

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