The Mall (Washington, DC) -- last part

So finally, its "The Mall"

Senate and House

poor ground condition

National Sculpture Garden, was planned to go inside National Archives, but the long lines.....

so, move on...
National Museum of Natural History, a bit over...

Turn out in National Museum of American History.... after a semi-long line wait.... just to see..

Too tired for the day... some in the last effect...
Washington Monument

so I skip Lincoln Memorial and Thomas Jefferson Memorial and rest..

and all the "Cherry Tree" I suppose to shot....

add 2 extra:

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The parking meter cost near The Mall is 25cents for 7.5 minutes

Most has 2 hours, some has 3 hours limit.
Each hour will cost you US$2.

I parked in a underground garage. Full day is US$18... and its full right after I parked in at 10am...