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Baltimore Downtown north howard street, also "Art Ave"... I want to go back again as there are many nice photo ops... just don't have time now. The area is pretty bad that all boarded up

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When you have to drive 30-45 minutes to work and basically every thing.... (if you take a bus, you can sleep, you can play your phone.... drive, you have to pay gas and insurance...

And one of my co-worker just 'let go' this morning.... pack and go immediately... a bit sad as she been with me over 4 years.




When you have to drive 30-45 minutes to work and basically every thing.... (if you take a bus, you c ...
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Put it this way...most people get used to the 30-45 mins commute, and the place I am in now is far from everything, but at the same time, I get to buy a nicer/bigger house because it is not in the heart of the city.
Job security...not sure what to say these days, no more job security or they are expecting so much from you and everyday we are seeing more jobs going off shore.

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I was again checking house price recently.
When I looked a closer town to city and good with school etc... US$299,999
http://www.realtor.com/realestat ... _07901_M51898-25563

for a busy main road (slopped road) with traffic lights, right opposite to the hospital. No garage, small and old (1910). By the look of pictures, could be a shared driveway.
Guess what... "its a steal" consider that town seldom has house with that many rooms under 300K....

If I tag 45 minutes of driving, I may get a better house under 300K... but that will takes me 1hr30minutes each way to work (really traffic hour.... sucks)

If I look else where, say search Houston, TX ,   or Orlando, FL or any southern city... I could have them in 100000 easy. (well, you can get a small house in NJ for 100K in bad neighborhood like Newark, or really south and bad...like Camden)

BTW, NJ/NY ranking in USA property tax in 2005-2009 is.... yes take home #1-14 ranking... in the whole US of A.

NJ among the #3 highest cost for auto insurance....

yes, NJ among the highest cost for health care insurance... but rank 30th in quality in return..
If you've been in HK hospital, like I did... you will be glad... the quality you get here in public NJ hospital.... compare to price... OMG... what a joke..... Even a hotel I open a hot water tap... I expect hot or warm water....
The doctors here also don't know a thing...

While school-wise, NJ rank about #2 in score, but it doesn't guarantee my child will success or anything ...
(Right now my property tax is about $8000 on a 400K house)

I am really thinking I should move... out. Really.


another case
http://www.realtor.com/realestat ... _08807_M59756-75970

this looks pretty good in pictures
$319K, a good enough town (in terms of school and access to rest)
but the house "in need of work". Called and actually the roof is leaking to the kitchen area. Basement has structure problem (could run up to 20K of cost to fix, who knows.), need water plumbing fix too.... as there is no water (if the owner don't winterize it, you may say good bye to all your pipes...)
I drive by and visually look at it... the deck is detected from house, many front hard wood siding need replace....


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Holy Crap...
so lucky I decided not to move down few years ago when an opportunity came up.
the property tax I am paying this year is around 2500CDN (brand new house and just moved in last Sept), but I expect it will go up next year as they will be able to estimate the true value of the house.