magic pro HD diamond 嚴重問題

張card 上個星期都好好地, 但係尋日一開total media 發覺勁慢, 一用full screen 直頭變左有聲冇畫面, 之後仲hang 埋!
之後試過再插過張card, 結果一樣, 無可耐何下uninstall 晒所有野, 再裝過..........奇怪既事出現啦,
完全冇signal, scan 唔到台, tunner 1 同tunner 2 都係咁,但係analog 就scan 到, 不過勁花 ....死啦
我心諗係咪自己條天線有問題, 但係插去電視又冇問題, 好清tim
之後試埋跟card 送既天線仔, 結果一樣冇反應
最後盡地一鋪, format 左個window 再裝過.........無論total media , magic view 都係一樣

請問有冇師兄遇過同樣問題呢.....................我係咪要去cs 換過張card , 唔該 Orz  !!

Maybe those issues were caused by driver compatability.

I bought a MyGica x8558 recently. I discovered that using the latest Windows 7 (x64) driver will causes hang/freeze when using TotalMedia and DVBViwer. Driver could be successfully installed but at the softwares, the card cannot be detected.

So I rollback Windows Vista (x64) driver, everything runs smooth without any problem at the meantime.

So you might want to check the drivers and see if it help.


i have try the old driver and new driver , but it still doesn't work