why idtv < 32" normally only 1 yr warranty

but lcd mon normally 3 yrs

Topcon 22" idtv 3 years, first year onsite .....
patrickwong55 發表於 2010-8-5 17:04

so i may consider topcon~those famous brand only 1 yr whole warranty


我有部Sony 26" idtv, 係2年+3個月保!
vita2009 發表於 2010-8-5 16:40

    sony wor~~how expensive~~


but the panel should be the same lcd mon~~
will they use low grade lcd mon to make the lcdtv


samsung 22" idtv 3 years
itsd 發表於 2010-8-5 19:36

near 3k vs 2k ~~of coz can provide 3yrs la~~
but my point is~~lcd mon vs lcdtv of the same brand


Creation 32" 都係3年保
賣左佢 換 46"
chungsm 發表於 2010-8-6 12:18


dont know the price of repair
i think most will give you a higher price~~so that actually still 1 yr