Connecting two MagicTVs with via USB possible?

As titled...

Have one MTV5000 and one MTV7000D
MTV5000 seems to start having problem, during usage TV screen may freeze or lose signal resulting in no picture whatsoever

Have tons of programs inside MTV5000 and would like to transfer them to MTV7000, is it possible to connect both units directly via USB connection for such data transfer?

Have no other network connections between both units and don't know how to set up other connection other than USB

Can someone help?

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Method 1.
Standby the MTV5000 using the remote then power it off using the rear power switch.  Open it up and find out whether the MTV5000 HDD you have is IDE or SATA.  Remove the HDD and put it into an IDE or SATA USB docking respectively.  Connect the USB docking to the MTV7000D.  Hopefully you'll see the MTV5000 programmes from MTV7000D Recorded Programme List.

Method 2.
Connect both the HDD taken out from MTV5000 and MTV7000D to a PC (IDE and) SATA ports, use a Linux boot disk to copy the files via Linux.


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I need to connect both STBs in a convenient way WITHOUT opening up anything nor any PC involvement
I do have PC backups on come programs but it is important to 留底 completely as well, which means everything inside the 5000 has to be transferred to the 7000D

That's why I'm asking about direct USB connection
I do not wish to manually copy the data to a USB drive/HDD first then transfer them to the newer STB, for fear that those data could be corrupted during such transfer


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First of all, I am not a MTV user, so my experience is just the very limit usage of MTV.

MTV firmware does not have any USB data link function, but it can copy the content to USB HDD. I think the most convenient and safe way for you is buying a USB HDD and copy all the MTV5000 content when is still working.


MTV5000, 使用網絡硬碟, 可以直接經lan copy去MTV7000, 不過就慢D


MTV5000, 使用網絡硬碟, 可以直接經lan copy去MTV7000, 不過就慢D
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How to set up?
Please teach me

Or, do I just connect both with an RJ45 cable or what...??

Thx in advance