DVBViewer Pro 5.6.1



  • Change Log DVBViewer Pro 5.6.1
  • Fix: Recorder: Recording all audio channels as TS did not work anymore (in version 5.6.0).
  • Fix: EVR / Custom EVR: Issues caused by wrong EVR Video Processor handling if the corresponding tweak was switched on. The default is now “off”.
  • Change: Channel Search: After a channel search the Channel Editor automatically selects and shows the first found new channel.
  • Fix: Channel Numbering: Under certain conditions the favorite number was not displayed correctly in “Favorites based OSD navigation” mode.
  • Fix: Channel Numbering: The status bar still displayed a zero-based channel number if the “One based channel and favorites numbering” tweak was switched on.
  • Fix: OSD: After opening the EPG details from the Mini EPG with OSD Green/Yellow and performing OSD Back the last state of the Mini EPG was not restored.
  • Fix: OSD: Assigning channel logos to channels failed in certain cases (particularly concerning audio track sub-entries).
  • Fix: OSD: Browsing left/right in the Mini EPG only worked for the current (played) channel, not after browsing up/down.
  • Added: Main Window: “Hide mouse cursor” tweak (see Tweaker.exe) specifying when the mouse cursor gets hidden in the video area: 0 = never, 1 = only in full screen mode (default), 2 = always (tweak already available in 5.6.0 release).
  • Added: Main Window: New menu item View → Windows Size → Source Resolution plus a corresponding action. It adjusts the size of the main window so that TV or a video is displayed in its original resolution. In case of anamorphic video (non-square pixels) DVBViewer preserves the aspect ratio and adjusts the window size either to the horizontal or to the vertical source resolution (depending on the tweak “Best window size by only changing the height”).

咦.... 咁快有新版.... 多謝通傳!


咦.... 咁快有新版.... 多謝通傳!
toylet 發表於 2016-3-16 13:42

上個版本 5.6.0 真係bug到爆, 早應該出新版, 搞到我爭啲無電視睇


上個版本 5.6.0 真係bug到爆, 早應該出新版, 搞到我爭啲無電視睇
chinwah 發表於 16/3/2016 16:54

見到個 installer 都無加 entry 入 Programs & Features!