DVBViewer Recording Service 出咗 1.33.0

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Important: After an update to Recording Service 1.33 the following additional measures may be required:

  • User names and passwords for Web Server access configured in previous versions must be re-entered in the Recordings Service Options → Web Settings. Old credentials are invalid since the whole password system has changed. Now it also includes streaming. Please refer to the section “Authentication” (see below) for more information.
  • When using the Web Interface please force the browser to reload it without cache usage by pressing Ctrl + F5 or clear the browser cache before using the Web Interface. Due to major changes it may not work correctly if old files get involved.
  • Since the out-dated Unicast Server is now disabled by default, it may be necessary in certain cases to enable it again in the Options if you are using it. Most existing installations will not be affected, however.

咦... 要先裝最新版的 DVBViewer Pro 先得!


已更新,但SCAN台竟然一個台都搵唔到,另外請問DVBViewer Recording Service 用WEB睇點先可以選擇字幕& 聲道,


已更新,但SCAN台竟然一個台都搵唔到,另外請問DVBViewer Recording Service 用WEB睇點先可以選擇字幕& 聲 ...
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