MTV 1000 vs 3200S

請問各位ching, 因為見到2 隻差唔多價錢

新出果隻 MTV 1000 係散熱方便會唔會無咁好?
同3200S (係hardware上) 分別大唔大?
會唔會係3200S cut cost 之作? 即係用D 低成本D的 chips

接收方面, 對訊號要求分別大唔大?

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MTV3200S has been discontinued for a long time.  MTV1000 is indeed a lower cost model in the Magic TV family, as reflected in its price.

MTV3200S vs MTV1000:

MTV3200S has component output, optical output, coaxial output and front panel.  It also supports simultaneous HDMI / Component / Composite video output.  These features are missing from MTV1000.  However, being a newer design MTV1000 produces much less heat.

MTV3300D vs MTV1000:

MTV3300D has dual tuner, component output, optical output, coaxial output, front panel, faster CPU and Gigabit Ethernet.  Simultaneous HDMI / Component / Composite video output.

MTV1000 has a single tuner, is physically smaller, CPU is slower, and none of the above features.   Its external power supply also outputs lower current.  MTV1000 cannot output HDMI and composite video simultaneously.


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Very informative