Magic TV 7000D Mini 系統硬碟問題

最近部Magic TV 7000D Mini 系統硬碟出咗問題 , 開機時出現HDD ERROR
HDD係WD 20PURX 之前自己換入去 , 隻HDD 7000D Mini 已經認唔到 , 電腦認到隻HDD但係就未初始化 (EXT問題??) 唔太清楚係唔係 , 因為用CrystalDiskInfo睇隻HDD C5黃咗出警告 , 用Ext2Fsd好似都唔得

MTV HDD1.png
2017-1-14 00:55

MTV HDD3.png
2017-1-14 00:55

回覆 3# KinChungE
隻HDD係用7000D系統HDD直接格式化 , PC 冇用usb docking , 係直接插SATA


Magic TV + 2TB HDD只係普通MBR
樓主用external usb docking? 係既話試下直插PC


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回覆 1# mark2010

First use Magic TV: Settings -> Recording -> Advanced -> Check and Repair System HDD

Boot PC to Linux, assume this is the second HDD and assume it becomes /dev/sdb
(third HDD will be /dev/sdc)

fsck.ext3 -y /dev/sdb1
fsck.ext3 -y /dev/sdb2

Warning: incorrect operations could destroy the data in your other drives in the PC