[教學] Editing MTV TS files

Any experience to share regarding this action?
I do however have a few things to say...

Old PC, still on XP (SP3), currently using these software
1. FameRing Smart Cutter
2. Cypheros TSDoctor
3. VideoReDo

(1) is for frame-by-frame edits only and does nothing else.  "Fix stream" function apparently does not work...
Should handle most TS files without issue, except one time when dealing with a certain recently recorded TS file, program crashes (possibly due to some kind of audio sync issue) and fails to complete; new file is there but is not complete

(2) is for cleaning streams and removes junk streaming data.  However, it has to be reused a couple of times just to get things right;

(3) can be used for QuickStream fix and/or full frame-by-frame edit.  Depending on input file, QuickStream fix may not work and stall for a very LONG time, YMMV...
It can however do some fixes to the TS stream, but still not clean enough, which is when (2) is used once more for a final clean

My usual TS workflow would be:
a. Use Smart Cutter to edit out ads etc. and save as new file.  When that fails, I switch to VideoReDo;

b. Use TSDoctor to clean out unwanted streams (data etc.)

c. Use VideoReDo for QuickStream fix, and/or frame-by-frame edit when (a) fails under SC

d. Reclean stream from (c) under TSDoctor

The resulting TS stream would be clean and contains no junked EPG data, unwanted sub sterams etc.  However, the resulting file may not be recognizable under MTV......

Any take?

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我有用開 SmartCutter 去剪接 *.ts(不過係 DVBViewer 錄出來,我無 MTV 機)。我都有小小 tips。

1.一開個檔案就強制關閉 SC
有時候可能係剛開始錄影時訊號有問題, 用 SC 一開個 TS 檔就 Hang(Click OPEN→揀檔案→OK,一 Click 到 OK 就已經 Hang 了),只能強制關閉 SC。假設有問題的檔案係 a.ts,解決方法係另外錄一小段同一個台的節目 b.ts(錄幾秒就夠),然後在 Command prompt 以 Binary copy 方式將 b.ts 駁上去有問題的 a.ts 前面:
copy /b b.ts + a.ts c.ts
之後就可以用 SC 去開 c.ts 做剪接。雖然用 SC 開 c.ts 時的 Timestamp 會錯,但係可以照樣 Mark 位置做剪接,剪完出來的檔案係正常(起碼用返 DVBViewer、PotPlayer、KMPlayer……等等可以正常播得到)。我部機頂盒錄出來係 *.trp,遇上相同問題時亦可以用這個方法解決,剪完出來的檔案放返入機頂盒都可以正常播到。

2.搵不到 Key frame
例如想剪接 a.ts,想 Mark 其中一段由 01:00:00 到 01:10:00,當開始剪接時,SC 有開 Preview 的話會見到 SC 由 01:00:00 前小小時間開始搵,一直搵到 01:00:00 後小小的一個 Key frame,另外又會由 01:10:00 前小小開始搵,搵到 之後小小的一個 Key frame,通常需要幾秒時間就搵齊一頭一尾,之後 SC Encode 過剪接位的一小段之後就會將其餘位置照 Copy。但有時候何能個檔案係正這位置有問題,Preview 會睇到 SC 會一直不停搵落去。解決方法係,例如有問題係開始時間 01:00:00 出問題,另外用 SC 剪前/後小小時間(幾秒至十幾秒)做新檔 b.ts(eg. 新檔係原來 a.ts 的 00:59:50 開始到 01:10:10),之後再將 b.ts 去剪頭尾 00:00:10 到 00:10:10(相等於原本 a.ts 的 01:00:00 到 00:10:00),就可以正常剪正想要的位置。

我在電腦係用 DVBVIewer 錄電視,檔名會跟返 EPG 的節目名,但係 SC 對中文檔名有小小挑剔,有些中文字係不能出現在檔名。例如早一兩個禮拜一清晨錄 TVB 粵語殘片《痴情淚》,錄出來檔名係:痴情淚-MM-dd-HH-mm-ss.ts(後面是開始錄影的月日時分秒),但當我嘗試用 SC 去開這個檔時卻開不到,揀完檔名 Click OK 根本無開到個檔案,最後發現係個「淚」字有出事,刪走檔名中的「淚」字就可以正常開出來做剪接。「淚」只係其中一個有問題的字,其實 SC 重有好多中文字的檔名係開不到。


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回覆 2# C_Law
Interesting insights... Here's my follow up:

1. I've never had this issue w/MTV recordings.  Only once when resaving the cut stream, program crashes at 84%...

Today however there's a rerun of the same 番組 which I've also recorded, but has yielded NO issues with the SC crashing problem.  In other words, the rerun program TS stream can be cut and saved via SC with ZERO issue.  Strange... I suspect there's garbled (and unwanted) streams that interfere with the audio syncing at certain points of the stream, causing the program to crash......

BTW I don't know how to join TS streams via cmd prompt.  How to do it exactly?

2. I don't care about keyframes whatsoever when cutting via SC.  Just choose the frames then assign start and end points.  BTW I don't think SC re-encodes anything which is the selling point of SC, similar to TMPGEnc Smart Renderer (where only minimal re-encoding is applied to the cut joints);

3. What are the highlights of DVBVIewer?  Did you pay extra for the addons (HbbTV/MHEG-5, Media Server)?  Also if you have problem with Chinese 番組 names, can you switch to English version?  With MTV (under English menu GUI) all Chinese 番組 have proper English names

The TV番組 that was causing problem runs on Tuesday night and reruns on Saturday noon
The Tuesday recording was causing problem to SC while the Saturday rerun has resulted in NO issues.  Both TS files have been cut (at the very same frame position) and stream-cleaned, but the resulting files have different sizes:
a. Tuesday run - 798MB (817,629KB)
b. Saturday rerun - 817MB (837,350KB)

Again, the steps I used are:
a. (Tuesday run): TSD (clean stream first) -> VRD (cut and save) -> VRD (QuickStream fix) -> TSD (clean and relabel streams)
b. (Sat. rerun) SC (frame cut) -> TSD (clean stream) -> VRD (QuickStream fix) -> TSD (clean and relabel streams)

Very very strange......


做剪接無可避勉一定要重新 Encode,起碼剪接點前後位置要 Encode 過,事關只有一組 Key frame 到下一組之間係可以照抄,一旦剪接位不是係正 Key frame,由剪接位到下一個 Key frame 之間的位置就要 Encode 過。

就算同一條片(eg. 1min 長),用 SC 分兩段(0s~30s 以及 30s+1 frame~60s)剪接返做一條片,雖然 Frame 總數無變過,但係條新片的 Filesize 都會大過條舊片。

下圖係昨晚用 DVBViewer 錄影後經 SC 剪接過的明珠台 X-Files。DVBViewer 播放時會在右下角顯示 Bitrate,明珠台一般的 Bitrate 大約係 4.x MBit,會有 0.xMBit 上上落落,但係一播到剪接位就跳升到 6.xMBit。由此可見 SC 係會在剪接位做過手腳。
2017-12-23 19:45

電視台以 VBR 作廣播,並非固定用同一個 Bitrate,就算同一個節目,在不同時間播放,錄出來的檔案的 Filesize 亦都會不一樣。


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