100% new Unified Threat Management system (UTM) for sale!

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100% new Unified Threat Management system (UTM)
- Ideal for personal, SOHO, school and small business
- Intel Atom D510 CPU (dual core with HT) on Intel motherboard
- 2GB RAM x 1 (Max. 4GB)
- hard drive (not smaller than 80GB)
- one onboard Gigabit LAN and one PCI Gigabit LAN
- Mini-ITX case (size 26.5cm x 26.5cm x 11.5cm)
- One year limited warranty
- Free installation and configuration
- supports up to 150 computers/users
- supports Bittorrent, QoS
- free email and forum support
- discount for annual packages subscription (Optional) - WAN balancing, WAN failover and etc.

Price      : $3,800-HK (Build to Order - requires about 7 days for delivery after 100% full payment)
Delivery : $ 100-HK (not includes outlying islands)

- Web Filter : Block time-wasting sites like MySpace and Facebook. Clientless installation and custom block lists.
- Spyware Blocker : Protect users from websites and files that install spyware.
- Reports : Monitor user lever, client lever and incident level behavior. Share reports in PDF and HTML formats.
- Spam Blocker : Stop spam at the gateway. Leverages best spam filtering techniques and individual quarantines.
- Protocol Control : Block unwanted peer-to-peer and port-hopping apps.
- Ad Blocker : Block web ads at the gateway by transparently removing them from web pages.
- Virus Blocker : Scan all network traffic for viruses. Protect against threats from web, email and ftp.
- Firewall : Firewall filters traffic based on IP address, protocol and ports, create a DMZ, and more.
- Open VPN : Secure remote access to your network. Instant setup and it just works!

Power consumption
Idle : 18W
Full loading : 22W

Other equipment
Switch(s) or gigabit switch(s) is/are required to connect between the UTM and computers. The UTM also acts as a router and firewall.

Reference site

* We also provide services for setting up a secured web server on Ubuntu server
** Any query is welcome!


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