Dlink 655 QoS engine rules - about setting

I captured the screen from other site cos I am not at home.  I want to use QoS to lower the bandwidth of a wireless Notebook where I can use the full speed by using by desktop

Can anyone explain 10 - QoS engine rules :

1) priority 1 to 255  ?  which one is the slowest

2) local IP range and remote ip range.

    First of all, I limited the "manual uplink speed" to 20K...

    I tried to enter the notebook IP in the "local IP Range" and the video streaming web site IP in the remote IP range".   I expect only the wireless Notebook will get slow speed (20K).  But now both my desktop and notebook are all slow.  Why?


that's all for D-link Qos
you cant set the different bandwidth for different IP
you should ask the shop sale before u buy it, shouldn't you?


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你一d 說明書都唔睇就亂set,又亂估一通,緊係慢la
個manual speed係限global WAN(即ISP)果邊ga


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