Router 是 botnet 的一部份!?

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Am I Vulnerable?

You are only vulnerable if:

    * Your device is a mipsel (MIPS running in little-endian mode, this is what the worm is compiled for) device.
    * Your device also has telnet, SSH or web-based interfaces available to the WAN, and
    * Your username and password combinations are weak, OR the daemons that your firmware uses are exploitable.

As such, 90% of the routers and modems participating in this botnet are participating due to user-error (the user themselves or otherwise). Unfortunately, it seems that some of the people covering this botnet do not understand this point, and it is making us look like a bunch of idiots.

Any device that meets the above criteria is vulnerable, including those built on custom firmware such as OpenWRT and DD-WRT. If the above criteria is not met, then the device is NOT vulnerable.


唔小心先會啫,唔係話用得 custom firmware 就100% vulnerable


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唔小心先會啫,唔係話用得 custom firmware 就100% vulnerable

我諗大部份香港 user 都唔會理