HGC 10M wallplate DIY

i am using the HGC 10M BB and the cat5 cable is connect to PC directly, it is using the 1,2,3,6 (white/blue, blue, white/orange, orange) pin in the cat5 plug only.

i want to add a cat5 wall plate on the socket so i can unplug it and change to the router more easily.

i use the AMP cat5e RJ45 toolless jack 1116604-1 but not successfully. anyone know the correct pin layout?

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HGC wall plugs only supports 4pin
casemodder97 發表於 2010-1-25 00:44

thank you........may be i need to buy a RJ11 wall plate


樓主好似自己整wall plate,唔係用HGC,只要將本身條線cut左,跟番頭個位(1,2,3,6)同顏色"吉"落去個骰仔度,再夾番一條straight through cable