Question about VPN Client

Hi big brothers,

I am facing a problem on VPN Client, and I want to seek your opinion.

I am on BB100, and my company gave me a VPN access to login to office LAN, using CIxCO VPN client.

My original IP is given by my router 192.x.x.x. After starting VPN, I am given another IP like 10.x.x.x, and I can login to the server in the office using ssh / sftp.

However, I cannot browse HTTP on IE.  I used tracert but it stops.  

Is there anyway, I can force my PC to use IP 192.x.x.x for http, while 10.x.x.x for ssh / sftp.

Thank you in advance.

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    Don't use IE.  IE uses networking settings from Windows which is affected by the VPN.

Use another web browser that allows you to set your internet gateway to be your router rather than through your VPN.