draytek 2130 1.5.2RC1 firmware

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鐘意可以試下 1.5.2RC1

唔係正式版本 自己衡量風險

2130 1.5.2 Release Plan


1. IPSEC support X.509
2. Web content filter add BPjM support.
3. Support dual 3G/56K modem for backup
4. Add Management WAN for TR069 management.
5. Support IPTV WAN and IGMP Proxy for IPTV application.
6. Add  Traffic Graph  support.
7. add Linux filesystem ext2/ext3 support.


1. Change printer server from lprng to dray-lpd to reduce memory usage.
2. Support static IP address assignment for remote dial in PPTP
3. Add support for DHCP Relay Agent
4. Add TFTP Firmware Upgrade mode in WUI
5. Add new TR-069 parameters and speed up the response time
6. Add NetBios name display in data flow monitor
7. IPSEC add more options for key life time and phase I proposals
8. Add TwoDNS, dtdns.com, tzo.com, dynami.co.za, ht.net as Dynamic DNS provider
9. Bandwidth management can apply to 2nd subnet
10. Add ISP name in PPPoE mode
11. Fix iPhone4 cannot create PPTP tunnel
12. Fix the "replace" mode within digitmap of Vigor2130 can't work correctly
13. Fix the wrong IP Address when registered from VoIP WAN
14. Fix RTP TOS of VoIP cannot be modified
15. Fix incoming P2P VoIP call doesn´t work

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都要講多句, 間唔中有D RC firmware 吊下隱都好過RV220W想搵黎試下都無

update 左之後 2130 CPU IDLE 時USAGE高左好多, 可能多左個Traffic Graph...定係bugs 黎