Any recommendations? WiFi Repeater for parrot ardrone.

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Recently I bought a Parrot AR.Drone and I would like to develop something interesting with the Linux SDK.

One of the main problem is "Range" because The Drone is controlled via WiFi.
I would like to increase the signal coverage. Buying a Wifi repeater should be the straight solution.

EPC brothers, which model should I buy ?
Can I use more than 1 Wifi Repeater to further improve the coverage?

By the way, according to the Developer Guide, the network latency should be below 40ms. Therefore 3G/4G replacement is not feasible..

additional info:
I will [email protected] outdoor so lipo battery will be used to power up the wifi repeater.

lets have a little push..


Interesting project, can you tell us your range required and more details of your project?