HuaWei 華為 E355 開鎖

小妹在強國買了 HuaWei 華為 E355 的 3G 手指,但是回港後才發現是鎖上了「聯通」Unicom。 ... reeId=541&tab=0

用 DC-Unlocking 有以下訊息,但不支持這型號。

selection :
manufacturer - Huawei modems
model - Auto detect (recommended)

Found modem         : webuiver:
IMEI                : 869560000160138
Serial NR.          : X2H5TB11B2414554
Firmware            :
Compile date / time : Jan  5 2012 21:19:41
Hardware ver.       : CH1E355SM
Dashboard version   : UTPSTOOL-ConnLaucher_WIN1.09.02.00_MAC1.09.05.00
SIM Lock status     : unknown(read failed)

sorry, this modem not supported !



回復 1# beebbeeb

    先安裝mobile partner, 然後插入一張非聯通sim
佢就會彈出叫你打unlock code
你試下呢個: 42059038


Many thanks Revolver Sir.

I have now discovered that the E355 is actually NOT locked to Unicom, but merely has Unicom as the preset profile.  I tested the E355 with my colleague's CSL 3G data sim card, and could create new profiles in addition to the preset Unicom one.

There is no documentation, or on-line resource, on this though.  Trial and error.