Gargoyle 1.5.6 available

New in 1.5.6:
Numerous bug-fixes for OpenVPN including fix for bug preventing server from activating if any port-forwards are active.
New Status/OpenVPN section for displaying hosts connected to OpenVPN server
Option to track total OpenVPN bandwidth in Status/Bandwidth section
Configure Server with OpenVPN TLS-Auth key, for additional security, and allow setting of TLS-Auth in OpenVPN Config controls
Include .ovpn file (which is identical in all but name to .conf file) in OpenVPN client configuration zip files, for better interaction with Windows Client
Inform user if saving a OpenVPN client config that expects different subnet than what router has configured, and give user the option to automatically switch subnets to the new one.
Bump Tor to, and fix bug causing Tor bandwidth to be double-counted
Special build for D-Link DIR-825-b1, without Tor. While this router has 8MB of flash, layout is such that not all of it can't be used, and including Tor exceeds maximum.
Fix necessary time settings ayutomatically when upgrading from versions <= 1.5.5 and preserving settings
Make sure new ntpd daemon gets built on Alix systems