MikroTik RouterOS 6.0 正式版發佈 ~ 05/20/2013

What's new in 6.0 (2013-May-17 14:04):

*) ipsec - added /peer passive option which will prevent starting ISAKMP negotiation
    and signifies xauth responder/initiator side;
*) RouterBOARD - default wireless config now includes password - serial number;
*) lte - support YOTA WLTUBA-107;
*) console - fixed crash when variable name was not specified for
*) hotspot - added mac-cookie login method;
   http://wiki.mikrotik.com/wiki/Ma ... oduction#MAC_Cookie
*) lcd - show a message when system shutdown is complete;
*) lcd - added Log screen which is accessible through the Main Menu
   and shows log messages where action=echo;
*) ipsec - added pre-shared-key-xauth and rsa-signature-hybrid authentication methods;
*) increased max l2mtu on CCR to 10226 bytes;
*) fixed crash on RB1200;
*) fixed bonding - did not work after remove, undo;
*) fixed queues - router could become unresponsive when configuring queues;

What's new in 6.0rc14 (2013-Apr-24 11:52):

*) route - make connected routes inactive when interface has no link;
*) ipsec - changing or removing unused peer or proposal config won't flush active SAs;
*) console - add 'without-paging' to more 'print' commands;
*) route - automatically repair FIB inconsistencies;
*) ipsec mode-cfg - unity split include support;
*) ipsec policy - template matching for policy generation;
*) metarouter: fixed occasional lockups on mipsbe boards;
*) fixed crash when bridge filter rule had action=return for rule in builtin chain;
*) traffic-flow - fixed deadlock and crash on multicore;
*) fixed memory leak on CCR with PPPoE interfaces;
*) improved PPPoE interface encapsulation performance;
*) fixed queues - total amount of traffic passing through queues sometimes was about 1Gbit;

What's new in 6.0rc13 (2013-Apr-08 14:25):

*) pppoe, l2tp, pptp server - increased lcp retransmit count to 10;
*) pptp, l2tp & pppoe clients - added ability to specify keepalive timeout;
*) graphing - fixed problem were interface graphs are lost on reboot;
*) dhcpv6 - added relay;
*) sstp server - restore (disabled in rc12) test mode which allows
    running server without certificate;
*) lcd - added option for turning backlight on/off;
*) bgp - fix med comparison check if routes are received from iBGP peer;
*) fixed simple queues - sometimes some simple queues did not limit traffic
   (bug introduced in 6.0rc12);
*) allow to change arp timeout (in /ip settings);
*) added /ip neighbor discovery settings setting "default-for-dynamic" to control
   discovery on new dynamic interfaces (off by default);

What's new in 6.0rc12 (2013-Mar-26 17:18):

*) ospf - add use-dn option;
*) ospf - fix route-tag handling;
*) fixed layer7 matcher - it is case insensitive now;
*) remote logging - added iso8601 time format support;
*) bgp - change MED propagation logic, now discarded when sending route with
    non-empty AS_PATH to an external peer;
*) fixed occasional nand corruption on CCR;
*) ipsec - added ipv4 mode-cfg support for responder;
*) ipsec - fixed some issues with removal of dynamic policies;
*) email - renamed parameter tls to start-tls for send command;
*) wireless - update required when using small width channel RB2011 RB9xx
    caveat: update remote end/s before updating AP as both side are required to use new/same version for a link
*) ipsec - generate-policy now can have port-strict value which will use port from peer's proposal
    when generating policy or port-override which will always generate policy for any port;
*) ipsec - responder side now uses initiator exchange type for peer config selection;
*) lcd - changed All interface stat screen (bar graphs) to show total bandwidth usage, combine rx/tx together;
*) lcd - removed "all-interface-mode" option;
*) lcd - changed "Interfaces" screen to show interface usage similiar to All interface stat screen;
*) lcd - improved Interfaces -> * -> Info screen, added more wireless information;
*) lcd - added Registration Table screen for wireless interfaces under
    Interfaces -> 'wireless interface' -> Registration Table;
*) fixed occasional kernel crashes on CCR;
*) fixed other than only-hardware-queue interface queues on CCR;
*) lte - devices with vendor/product id pair 0x0f3d/0x68AA now uses directip inferface;
*) dhcp client v4 - option add-default-route now supports special-classless value;
*) significantly increased simple queue performance on multi core systems (up to 9x on CCR1036 with at least 32 top level simple queues)
*) ip arp - new property published;
*) web proxy - added new option max-cache-object-size,
    upper limit of max-client-connections and max-server-connections is now calculated from system RAM;
*) ospf - fixed inconsistency in external ECMP route calculation;
*) certificates - CA keys are no more cached, every CA operations now requires a valid CA passphrase.
    use set-ca-passphrase for scep server to cache CA key in encrypted form;
*) ppp - made MPPE encryption work on tilera (bug introduced in 6.0rc10);
*) tool fetch - https support with optional certificate verification;
*) sstp server - removed test mode which allowed running server without certificate;
*) trafficgen - add support for ipv6 header;
*) wireless - added support for small channels on SXT lite;


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係好多鑊氣! 最簡單既DHCP Client都攞唔到IP! 搞到我up了也要downgrade返!


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係好多鑊氣! 最簡單既DHCP Client都攞唔到IP! 搞到我up了也要downgrade返! ...
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