Draytek Vigor 2920 New Firmware v3.6.4, Support IPv6 ~ 06/06/2013

Release Note for Vigor2920 Series
Firmware Version: 3.6.4
Release Date: April 26, 2013
Applied Models: Vigor2920/Vigor2920n/2920Vn/Vigor2920F/Vigor2920Fn/Vigor2920FV/Vigor2920FVn

New Features:
- Support Wireless Wizard.
- Support IPv6 printer service.
- Support IPv6 SMTP service.
- Support to specify SMTP port and SSL/TLS usage in Mail Alert function.
- Support the DNS for web content feature (WCF) function when authentication.
- Support Editing DHCP Options (ASCII/Hex) on web user interface.
- Support VLAN failsafe. Add Enable management port for P1 (LAN 1) on LAN>>VLAN to ensure the data transmission is unimpeded.
- Support Smart Bandwidth Limit.
- Support QoS retag.
- Support DHCP client identifier for some ISP (DHCP Option 61 with PPP username/password).

- Corrected: System crash problem occurs while the router sends AICCU neighbor packets out.
- Corrected: System crash problem occurs while a user performs Port Scan with AICCU IPv6 LAN IP.
- Corrected: Daylight Saving doesn't work with time zone Adelaide (GMT +9:30).
- Corrected: A PC can not ping to another router's IP when they are in different subnets.
- Corrected: 4G WiMAX / LTE web user interface settings cannot be saved.
- Corrected: Windows 7 L2TP over IPsec client can not access VPN in the beginning of network connection.
- Corrected: Overwrite problem might occur when many PPTP dial in/out connections established at the same time.
- Corrected: If MPPE is selected, the PPTP remote dial-in user (client) may not connect to the router.
- Corrected: PPTP VPN connection might not be established under the IPsec LAN-to-LAN tunnel of Vigor router.
- Corrected: Remote dial-in user can not create another PPTP tunnel to another PPTP server.
- Corrected: The router can't provide correct WLAN country code to Mac and Linux machines.
- Corrected: Wireless clients still can see WLAN SSID when the wireless function of the router is turned off by schedule.
- Corrected: The RADIUS request of WLAN clients is rejected by RADIUS server of Synology NAS.
- Corrected: System crash problem may occur while USB WAN is deactivated and a 3G modem is connected.
- Corrected: Two IP phones behind NAT are unable to call each other after a period of time.
- Corrected: The empty address of IP Route subnet makes firewall filter not working.
- Corrected: The empty IP Route subnet address makes firewall filter not working.
- Improved: Support Cisco GRE over IPSec that replies GRE keepalive from Cisco.
- Improved: Support VLAN encapsulation for the packets (from WLAN to LAN) while VLAN tag is enabled.
- Improved: WLAN SSID broadcast packets are received by LAN ports belonging to different VLAN groups.
- Improved: SIP "via" information will not be modified by SIP ALG..
- Improved: Support blocking RaidCall (v7.0), PPStream (v2.7.0.1512) and Teamviewer (v8.0.16284, v7.0.15723).
- Improved: Add the option of RC Voice in CSM>>APP Enforcement Profile.
- Improved: Dropbox is blocked when "Wujie/UltraSurf" is ticked.
- Improved: The load balance policy can be specified to WAN/VPN tunnel with dedicated source (Src) and destination (Dest) IP settings in the WAN>>Load Balance Policy page.
- Improved: Add the option of Enable/Disable for each WAN to join auto-load balance member.
- Improved: Support "messagebird.com" as SMS Service.
- Improved: Support "www.lusosms.com" as SMS service
- Improved: Support special character "-" in SMS/Recipient and WAN/Display Name.
- Improved: Support the feature of H.323_alg passthrough.
- Improved: Support an option of All for WAN Interface in NAT >> Open Ports.
- Improved: Modify the NTP domain name resolving period from once every 20 seconds to 10 seconds prior to the time specified by Automatically Update Interval.
- Improved: PPTP log in possible with “???” and no password with activated LAN to LAN Profile.
- Improved: SNMP client is unable to connect to the router on IP Routed subnet.
- Improved: The router accepts asterisk (*) as the administrator password.
- Improved: No system reboot after setting LAN Port Mirror.
- Improved: When the user accesses into a website that two categories detected by Commtouch, the router can only show/handle one category.
- Improved: Support vodafone K3772-Z modem.
- Improved: Limit for LAN 2/3/4 IP Pool Counts field.
- Improved: Bandwidth Limit can input other subnet IP address.
- Improved: Bind IP to MAC function can't work correctly.
- Improved: UPnP can't not work properly.
- Improved: DHCP table shows Conflicted IP Address.
- Improved: Add checkboxes of "Always On" and "Dial On" for IPv6 AICCU.
- Improved: Add VoIP Inter-digit timeout for TR-104.

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