RouterOS 6.1 released


What's new in 6.1 (2013-Jun-12 11:50):

*) pptp, l2tp - fixed crash when tunnel mru was too big and fragmented ip packet
   was received;
*) hotspot - fixed problem when after upgrade hotspot html directory was empty;
*) ipv6 nd - dns dynamic-servers were not included in router advertisements;
*) winbox - fixed problem Switch menu disappeared on RB2011;
*) fixed memory amount issue on RB1100AHx2;
*) console - '/import' prints each command that is executed;
*) console - 'import' has new argument 'from-line' that starts executing
    commands after specified line;
*) secure api - fixed problem when wrong client ip address was reported;
*) hotspot - fixed universal client;
*) api - added support for API over TLS (SSL);
*) api - api service is now enabled by default;
*) ppp - do not show R flag for locally authenticated users;
*) vrrp - fixed ah authentication;
*) webfig - added support for RADIUS authentication (via MS-CHAPv2);
*) ipsec - for peers with full IP address specified system will
   autostart ISAKMP SA negotiation;
*) trafficgen - added inject-pcap command for replaying pcap files into network;
*) dns - retry queries with tcp if truncated results received;
*) improved queue statistics updating;
*) fix 1G linking with some Cisco devices (affects RB7xx, RB9xx, RB1100, RB2011, CCR);



睇 d 人反應好似仲係唔少問題, 再等多幾個 version 先 ...


用6.0 中